Plextor UltraPleX 40max audio problems with XP



Well, I experience problems with WindowsMedia Player on XP, the player does no allow me to set "DIGITAL AUDIO" on my plextor, but with my Recorder (LG) there's no problem. In Win2000 no problems at all. Any help?

(sorry for my pathetic English).


My Plextor40TS doesn’t have a digital output, so that could be an explanation.


are the settings correct in mediaplayer ?? , you can reach them via extra - options - players ( i have the dutch version wich says apparaten ) ,
there you can chose analog or digital ,
it works for me , even if there is no fysycal connection ( wire ) in the digital output ,
or try feurio ( nice program ) , via feurio cd - manager , - cd - rom , play - cd , you can chose here too to play the cd rom analog or digital ,
bye ,