Plextor UltraPleX 40 Max & PlexWriter 8/2/20 CD-RW

I hope this is allowed as I did look at the forum rules. I thought that there may be a few people looking for these drives that are no longer produced.



There are still plenty of Plextor around at every retail store no body have claim the shortage of this brand yet.

Hrrrrm… I have not seen any 8/2/20’s that can burn raw or UltraPlex 40’s that are excellent audio rippers in retail stores for years.

I do not know about your expectations but if go to BB or Fry’s you may find Plextor drives sitting on the shelf.

I still have 2, both are scsi interface, sitting in my old computer with golden hawk burning software installed, love it, burnt many PS1 games with it and I only use it for burning audio CD, especially when I am using my Mitsui Gold CD-R

Either way can’t advertise your own sales here without the approval of the cdfreaks staff.