Plextor TYG02

I used to buy my Plextor TYG02 discs from and before, but now they don’t sell them anymore. Do you guys know where I can find them now?


I don’t know where you can buy Plextor branded TYG02, but at SVP in Great Britain you can buy unbranded Taiyo Yudens:

At SVP you can also buy Verbatim branded TYG02:

I was going to mention where I get my media from, then I noticed where you live. Probably wouldn’t be to economical, shipping wise. Sorry.

at the site Dragemaester posted they sell them

Those are definitely not TYG02!

First of all those are not DVD-R but DVD+R and they are 16x and not 8x media.

They are Taiyo Yuden media however and they will burn well in burners that have proper firmware support. The YUDEN000 T03 will burn with good quality, but I haven’t seen any drive that will burn them with extremely low PIE as you can get with YUDEN000 T02 and TYG02 with many burners.

lol sry for stepping on YOUR toes !!! lol i won’t bother next time …

I know you’d like the plextor branded ones but have a look at here, they’ve decent prices.

You didn’t step on my toes, and there is no reason for you to be offended!

I simply pointed out that your link was to completely different media than what the original poster asked for.

So please do bother next time. :slight_smile:

A little off topic but check out this Plextor Media YUDEN000 T03 scan. Just posting for info.:wink:

I think I have already seen this before, and it looks significantly better than YUDEN000 T03 scans in any other drive that I have seen.

But the big question is: Is this because the drive scans with fewer PIE/PIF, is it because the drive burns this media with better quality (i.e. when scanned in other drives), or is it because the batch of T03s is better than other batches we have seen?

Knowing the answer to the question above would greatly influence my decision on whether to buy a BenQ 1650/1655 when it becomes available here in Denmark.

And yes, we’re getting a bit off-topic here. :wink:

Actually my Litey Kprobe scans are very close to the 1655 in both PIE/PIF with +R media not so with -R, I think it’s just Plextor Media in general is much better than the other TY media we get.:wink: