Plextor TY03 on Pioneer DVR-112


I’m going to answer some of my own questions, but I just want to check if anyone else is experiencing the same thing as me.

I got a box of Plextor DVD+R discs, TY03 TH000021, the other day to try with my Pioneer DVR-112 FW 1.21. To my great surprise they don’t burn all that well. I’m testing them with Nero Speed CD/DVD and they average about 94 in quality though I got one at 78. My TDK CMC MAG01 media and my alltime favourite Verbatim MCC 04 both score about 98.

Now I do know that media and burners doesnt allways gets along but I just find this a bit strange. I mean its a good burner and some of the best media there is. The media is on the compability list as good for all speeds. I’ve tried burning at various speeds but that doesnt help and the errors doesnt seem to be related to one specific part of the media.

So is anyone getting grade-A burns with this media-burner combo?


YUDEN000 T03 + Pioneer DVR-112 should give at least usable results.
Are you scanning the discs with your Pioneer?

I hope you aren’t basing your opinion solely on the quality score…

Yes Im scanning them with the burner. I was wrong on the bad one, it was 44.
The discs are OK for use afaik. I’ve made most of them with data verification and that comes out OK. I guess Im just surprised to not see better results.

You probably would see better results if you scanned with a LiteOn or BenQ (at least more accurate results).

Two things…I wouldn’t base a good burn on the Quality Score, and the Pioneers aren’t known to be the best scanners. :slight_smile:

TH000021 is a good batch, you should get fairly good results.

The Plextor T03’s (batch TH000021) have always produced excellent results for me.

Makes not much sense to scan with the Piom, because that results are unreliable.

I wouldn’t bother scanning with the 111 as many have said, but I also don’t think TY is the best media. My 111L has a happier time burning MCC004 @ 8x. I get great results from that, which also work perfectly in the real world (stand alone players).

Well that leaves me a bit luck-less, all I got is Pioneers, quite like them. Ah well guess I’ll have to outsource the scanning duty :slight_smile:
Is the disc quality tool any good if one looks at the graphs and not the score? It seems to be they only drive neutral tool that i’ve found.

Or maybe I should just settle on good media/batch, good drive and as long as the discs work just burn and be happy :slight_smile:

If you use scanning for its only 100% legit pupose, which is to compare burning methods with a given disc model (lower errors = better burning method), you Pioneer should be OK. :iagree:

To extrapolate about media quality and “absolute” burning quality, even with more “accurate” drives the job is close to a black art (and sometimes plain wishful thinking IMO :bigsmile: ), so don’t even bother with a Pioneer (or a NEC) drive. :disagree: You need something that, at the very least, reports according to ECMA standards, which is not the case with these drives. PIE as reported by Pioneer are [I]NOT[/I] PIEs as defined by ECMA.

Nice explanation there :iagree:

I also forgot to say, v2K that you can also do Transfer Rate Tests in cdspeed. This reads the disc as fast as the drive allows and if it’s a smooth nice curve, then that’s a good sign. Pioneers are fairly fussy readers so if something is seriously wrong with the disc, the pioneer can sometimes pick that up.

You can still definitely do scanning as well, judging by what you’ve said, the Verbatims seem to scan and work alright? If you can get verbatim cheaply (and cheaper than TY), you should stick with them. My Pioneers have always produced great results that always work well in my dvd players with Verbatim media.

Thanks for the help everyone!

I’ll keep a close eye on these discs and by the time they’ve run out I’ll hopefully have a better idea of how they actually work for me regardless of various tests.

Believe it or not cd pirate but these Plextor discs are some of the cheapest in town, about 20-25% less for a 25disc spindle than Verbatim!

Scanning with DVDInfoPro and the Pio (111 eg) seems to be kinda reliable, especially with DL media.

It might be a good tool but the author seems to well, from what I’ve read here his actions disqualify him from putting code anywhere on my harddrives.

Thanks :smiley: