Plextor TY Media

For people who shop on svp they now have Plextor TY CD-r and DVD+r in stock.

Might give the CD-r’s a try as i found the TY Pastel Verbs very good.

Nice one! I shop at SVP too, and recently they’ve been out of stock on the Pastels. Always good to have more to choose from. :slight_smile:

Yup, the only Plextors that I see though are 16x which are a little more spendy. Good to know that there is another TY option out there though. Seeing as how TY is relatively overpriced in the UK.

Nice move SVP :cool:

:clap: I look forward to test the 16x+r - and nice with a cheaper TY cdr :slight_smile:

Hi - very nice to at last see YUDEN000T03 - & at a vaguely affordable price, too. These will also, presumably, be of TY’s top grade as usual w/ Plex-branded TY media.

If anyone gets some of these Plex TY’s…could they post a scan or two (please)?

Unfortunately, I won’t have a chance to buy and test til after Christmas!

Bear in mind that usually Plextor’s YUDENs are the qualitiest YUDENs!

waiting till they are ofering cheap shipping rather than their lame offers lately (HINT SVP) :wink:

Personally I don’t find their shipping costs that high, and I buy from Belgium… unless, of course, you buy in very small quantities like 2 X 25-discs spindles at a time.

I’ve gone for the Plextor YUDEN000T03 discs - look forward to giving them a spin.

i like to get best deal i can get

I like to get peace of mind and not get into problems with bad customer service. :stuck_out_tongue: - SVP are the best in this area.