Plextor TY from

Has anyone here ordered Plextor DVD-R 8x (Taiyo Yuden) from

I’m about to order this media from them, and I wonder if Nierle is reliable.

If reliable = authentic TY media, then I think you can trust that the Plextor brand guarantees that you will get real TY discs.

Not the DVD-Rs, but I’ve just received 20 x 5-Packs of Plextor DVD+R 8X (YUDEN000-T02). They were all sealed, absolutely original. :cool:
Nierle is definitely reilable for me. :iagree:



I ordered the same discs as eltranquil but at (Benelux). These are the same 8x Taiyo Yuden discs I paid 3,00 € a piece a year ago, now they have cost me 0,58 €. Too bad these don’t burn almost flawlessly at 16x in contrast to the Fuji 8x DVD+R. But hey, these still write at good quality at 16x so I can’t complain :slight_smile:

Phunc, could you tell me where you live, and in what condition was your parcel at delivery?

I’m asking because I’ve been considering to buy these Plextors (great price considering they’re in individual jewel cases and not in spindle tubs…), but without any previous experience with cdrwinkel I was a little afraid as the minimum is 100 discs…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have ordered quite a few ~150€ orders at for my friends and me, always correct and precise delivery. You wire transfer (via bank) the money after you placed the order, wait 2-3 business days and it’s waiting at your door :slight_smile: I live in Belgium.

“I live in Belgium.”

Thought I was the only one on this forum :flower:

Thanks for the info!