Plextor TY 8x (burns at 12x) media review

Yo. I have a PX-712A so I can’t use the tool for lite-on drives and post in the proper forum. So, I’ll just put my review here.

Drive: PX-712A
Bios: 1.05
Media: Plextor Taiyo Yuden 8x (burns at 12x) DVD+R Media 5-PACK $3.90
Burnt at: 12x

And this is somewhat of a hot-deal post too because Plextor media is Taiyo Yuden media, and it’s always the first set of media off a new stamper; so it’s the highest-quality TY media you can buy! And check out that price! Anyway, here’s the scores:

If you follow my template in the media test forum you can post your plextools results there under the correct media type.

I do like the screenshot of the entire Plextools window.
It eliminates the ‘guess-work’ out of what ECC SUM was used, what the colors mean, etc.