Plextor trouble



help i have a plextor 12x and scsi card and have a problem it write at 2x and 4x but when writing at 8x or 12x it does 1 or maybe 2 cd's then just spits them out and a message comes up as buffer below 10% what's wrong? please help me



I’m using plexwriter 12/4/32 writer with a ultraplex cdrom reader 256Mb main mem three 9gig ultra scsi drives on a gigabyte Gabxsd mobo and have no probs to date at any speed or any type of burn method useing cdrwin adaptec and even plextools I use one of the hd’s only for burn temp files it has a throughput of over 19Mb/sec with a processor load of 3% I’ve burnt at 4x while playing games.
It may just be a bottle neck in your system
try a utility like sisofts sandra and measure your systems performance it may show way of improving system performance or indicate where the prob lies.