Plextor-tools released

I just posted the article Plextor-tools released.

Some other tools and utils from Plextor are released today…

Plextools 1.10:

What’s New:

  • Added:

Support for USB drives

CD Copy: option to copy first session only

CD Test: a function…

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Why does it seem like their programmers are flipping? Call me slow but I cant see any indication of it from this posting. Except maybe the mention of YUCK, dare I say it, USB drives Throws up horribly. How can the world be such a warped and twisted place?? Going from SCSI (look of love on his face) to USB (starts throwing up again). Sure USB is plug and play and good for things like digital cameras where you just want to plug them in quickly, take the images off and then unplug it again. For things like burners that are permenant parts of your system they are the stupidest idea ever. Even for external ones!