Plextor tools question

I have a Plextor 760a with the Plextor professioal tool Le, What is the difference between this tool and the paid version?

The paid version has more options.

Could you tell me what options? I am considering purchasing it.

Aditional Formating and backup features and Tools to rate the drives. How much are you looking to spend?

I believe the price is $47.

I believe it woud be in your best interests to purchase since you have these drives.

You’ll have to do better than that, [B]THE C.[/B] Please explain in more detail why you believe the $47 is worth it. :wink:

Edit #1: Actually I’ll transfer this to the more specialist CD Freaks Plextor forum…

Edit #2: Done.

Is it still possible to buy PX-Tools XL?

Plextor has stopped development of XL. I don’t believe it is available for sale.

LE is Vista compatible and has most of the features you need to check disc/record quality.

Hopefully they’ll have another update for XL, but since their drives are all rebadged now, it is not likely unless they come up with another true Plextor drive or decide to update for bug fixes.