Plextor TLA Version



I am in the market for Dual Layer DVD burner. I need to get it from Best Buy (gift cards). After doing research on the 3 DL DVD drives they offer (Sony 710, HP and Plextor 716a), it seems that Plextor is the best choice. I see all these posts about getting the right TLA version. Can someone explain what this is? Also, can I look for the right number on the box so I can make sure I get the most current version without having to buy it and then open it?

The latest TLA for 716 is 0304, but my local bestbuy carries 0203 at the moment.


Is a TLA 0203 (all I see at Best Buy and Fry’s stores) equal to a TLA 0304 after upgrading to v1.04 firmware? Or is there any hardware difference that would make the TLA 0304 superior in some way?


Drives with TLA#02xx are working perfectly fine. Newer TLA’s are not superior as we have no idea of what Plextor changes between the various hardware revisions.


Is there a place to look on the box to make sure I am getting a “good” one? I don’t want to buy, open, find out I have one of the older ones and then return it.


Yes, the TLA is above the codebar, on the sticker on the box itself.


I wouldn’t sweat about the TLA# so much. So far, there’s no proof that 03xx is any better than 02xx, and I believe (or “guess”) that changes from 01xx to 02xx only affected the consistency of quality from drive to drive–a “good” 01xx is as good as a typical 02xx.

More than likely, any further hardware changes will be to reduce costs, making way for lower prices–not to change functionality. This is common in the electronics industry.


I noticed that the front panel of my TLA 0203 drive says DVD+R DL below the RW logo. Maybe the only difference on the TLA 0304 drives is that the front panel has been updated to say DVD ±R DL since the 1.04 firmware enables -R DL writing :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone bought this drive from ncix to see what TLA# is on their drive?



I think as long as you dont have TLA:00xx drive your find from the scans I have seen with forums here , 0104 0204 and I would think 0304 scan are pretty much the same, only the 00xx TLA seemed to have problems, as to what changed from one TLA to next who knows. some one showed a picture of a 0202 unit with an extra blue and white wire on circuit board , but then someone showed another 0202 unit with no such wire so again we have no clue what changed from 00 to 01 to 02 , and now we have 03


Hi all
I can confirm at least one difference between the PX716-UF TLA 0000 and TLA 0203
I just swapped out latter for former in my 30 day return period at BB

The fan in TLA 0000 sounded like a Jumbo Jet , while with the 0203 only the blue LED tells me that it is on : it is that silent

Thanks for great forum


I just received my drive today (2/21) which I ordered from The drive is a TLA 0203, Dec 2004, manufactured in China.

Man, I wish they put the Plextor logo on the black bezel as well!


I just got my 716SA from today (2/21). It is TLA #0203 and made in China in January 2005. I have already upgraded the firmware to 1.04 and I am currently testing the drive. I installed the drive in a Dell Dimension XPS Gen 3–the onboard ICHR6 SATA controller (82801FR in AHCI mode) works perfectly with the SATA 716SA drive. The only thing I had to do that was unusual was enable the SATA-1 port in the BIOS setup after installing the drive, which I didn’t anticipate needing to do. I’ll post additional results later.