Plextor Tech Support swears 716A fw 1.08 enables 8X DL burn



Tech support told me this again today. Firmware 1.08 is supposed to enable 8X burning with Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R DL. Can anyone verify this???




If you’re trying to pull my leg on this one i swear i’ll skin you alive! :slight_smile:

I have no blank media left, but a burned one shows “write speed for current media by drive specification” as “2.4x - 4x - 6x” in the Plextools CD/DVD-Info tab.

Either he meant 1.09 or this could also mean 8x support is only available for true 8x +R DL media and not for 2.4x media in overspeed mode.


I think tech Dave is misinformed…he was adamant that 1.08 enables 8X DL burn…I didn’t see it…nor do you…maybe there will be a 1,.09 that does…


It is not enable 8x burning for Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x
See it for yourself:


Until now I always presumed Plextor would like to reserve 8x DL for an upcoming model in maybe Autumn/September this year. However now that the ‘lowly’ 740a offers 8x DL the ‘top notch’ 716a kind of looks cheap in that area. And DL speed has been a major mark of distinction among the manufacturers recently. So it would make sense to offer a 8x DL firmware upgrade for the 716a if the model is to stay a bit longer in the market as the release of the /JP2 model seems to indicate.

Plextor would certainly gain some bonus points in my book if they would offer 8x DL via a firmware update. Other manufacturers made their customers buy new hardware for that feature (for example BenQ 1620pro -> 1640, just to make a point in relation to Plextors own 740a). Plextor at least offered 6x over the announced 4x DL speed. Getting 8x now would certainly put a crown on the 716a.

Crossing my fingers here … :slight_smile:


MKM 001 is max 6x with 1.08…just verified…

hope they enable 8x in 1.09 too hwp…


How about true 8x DL support? I guess the Verbatim MID would be “MKM 002”? Does the 740a only offer 2.4x overspeed to 8x or true 8x too? If so, could there already be true 8x support in the 716a that would only show if a MKM 002 is inserted? Can anyone check a .bin file for MKM references?

Ahhhh… the suspense :slight_smile:


Just found this about DL support in the NEC 3540:
[MKM 001 ] -> 2.4x 4x 6x 8x
[MKM 002 ] -> 2.4x 4x 6x 8x
Seems my guess about “MKM 002” was right. Anyone have a way to extract the supported MIDs from the firmware?


As far as I know about technical details and requirements of 8x DL burning, I believe the PX-716A will be unlikely able to achieve it. Plextor says the PX-740A is not the flagship, but let’s be realistic: the PX-740A is newer, faster and better choice for long-term. Okay, you are not able to use special PlexTools quality checks, but for the average user the wider compatibility and faster writing speed - especially when comes with excellent quality - matters more than fancy testing capabilities.


I fully agree and i’m aware that hardware cannot be ‘renewed’ by firmware alone. However, what makes me hope that bobmitchs findings might be true is the fact, that the hardware of the 716a is far from being used to its limits. The Sanyo chip used offers, for example, CD reading and writing at speeds of 52x/32x/52x. Yet Plextor only implemented 48x/24x/48x. Also the chip supports + and - RW up to 8x. But Plextor has not bothered to implement 6x -RW yet. Unfortunately i never managed to find any reliable statement about the chips DL capacity. Since 6x sounds a bit ‘in between’ (+ and - DL roadmaps never talked about it, it was always 2.4x and 8x for + and 4x for -) i think it would be a safe assumption that 8x is supported and possible to implement. This of course under the additional condition that other mechancal parts (laser diode) allow for it. Time will tell.


According to Philips Licensing the MID for Mitsubishi’s approved 8x DVD+R DL is MKM-003.


(a) DVD+R Part 2, Dual Layer, 8.5Gbytes speed 8x

  1. MID code MKM type 003
    Produced by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


as i stated in the past plextor don’t enable features in the firmware… the hardware used supports every single format out there TODAY, AT COMPETIVE SPEEDS… BTW the plextor drive at 52x stresses the unit out too much on its buffer thats why they enabled 48x only bc of their r&d fuck ups


Uhh… Bitsetting suppport was added by firmware contradictory to a first statement by Plextor to the 712a. 6x + and - R DL was added by firmware to the 716a while the unit was originally announced strictly as 4x only. :clap:

What Plextor drive?

Would you care to explain how the buffer in the 716a that can sustain > 22MB data rates for 16x DVD writing would get stressed by a < 8MB datarate needed for 52x CDR? :confused:


it’s how the firmware is programed how the drive associates the buffer such as how ecc ram works… it is almost identical to normal non-ecc ram but ecc is capable of error checking. The plextor buffer is also like this. It is a modified version of the buffer used by their compeditors to be able to fix most problems that the other wouldn’t… but at the price of take more process usage to the buffer making 52x undesirable and risky to enable. (think coasters)


i’m not sure about your claim that it’s a modified version of the buffer used by competitors given given the fact that not many competitors sport an 8mb buffer in the first place…nor use the same chipset…

add the fact that the 716 has the least CPU usage of all the major players in all reading tests makes your claim dubious (just take a look at Ian’s reviews at to see how the 716 consistently uses a lesser % of the CPU for all read transfer tests)…

there’s a lot that can be done via the firmware…


Verbatim DL only x6 :iagree: firmware 1.8


8x only works on select cds… maybe firmware 1.09 will add more


The PX-716+ can only write with 6x speed on DL!!
8x DL is only a mistake


About Plextor and 52x writing:
It is said that a CD-R gets destroyed at around 10000RPms (thats why the limit of CD-R burning is 52x). Now there is a difference between CAV and ZONECLV etc but at 48x some burners get around 10200Rpm. That is also the reason TY discs are labeled as 48X.
I personaly have experienced a low quality disc labeled 48x being shattered into small pieces when I did a 48x burn in a lite-on burner at my friends home (well he had to replace his burner…).
So I dont think Plextor has problems with buffer or such things but rather its the discs which could be destroyed at such high speeds.
About Firmware:
As long as the mainchip can handle it many things can be enabled via firmware as can be disabled.
Example: Sanyo Chip used in PX-708 is able to burn DVD+R DL but Plextor for some reasons unknown has disabled this (marketing or hardware reasons).