Plextor..Tdk...or LiteOn

I’m possibly thinking of adding a DVD±R to my system, but I’m sort of on a $$$ limit. So the best bang for the buck, which is best with copy protections, speed, etc…

LiteOn LDW-400 ($259)
TDK AID+440 ($199)
Plextor PX-708A ($299)

These prices are where I have to purchase (gift card reasons :D). So which would you recommend? Thanks

I was just having this same problem. Read the review for the Plextor that is on this site. It should convice you. With 8x DVD burning and BURN-proof technology, it seems very good. Some people argue that blu-ray disc technology is coming out and DVD burners are a waste of money, but just because new tech. is coming out, doesn’t mean that DVD’s are going away. VHS is still around, even with the ever so popular DVD. I would first read the review, then choose. I recommend the Plextor.

…$299? I saw it for $230.

Check the link users comments on the plex,rated very highly which is a better indication than reviews.
you can also check opinions for your other choices.

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you can also check opinions for your other choices.

Like those [COLOR=blue]here filled up to the throat with troubles, lol.[/COLOR]