Plextor/Taiyo vs Sony Media?

Purely for data archival purposes, would you choose Sony or Plextor media?

I know Plextors are TY, the Sony’s we have test as either Sony, or Acer.


Plextor/TY, no questions asked.


Doesnt make a differene if you are talking about cdr or DVDR because Plextor/TY is best for both :smiley:

Sony cdrs are like CMC…which is crap if you don’t know hehe

Haven’t had any problems using Sony CDR’s though they are not the best. They look good though :slight_smile: the Sony DVD’s look real nice with the case and all but the experience is less than wanting comparing the cost. Actually total crap is about right.

For DVD media, Sony has been known to contract with companies like LeadData (:Z) (as well as good companies like Ricoh). But even Ricoh media can’t beat TY. Don’t know about Sony CD media…

Out of them, only Taiyo Yuden makes all TY in their own production lines in Japan and only Japan. So the comparison is not very valid. What if Sony starts to sell all Sony media using TY OEM?

Sounds like the plextors then… I don’t give a shit about the packaging, it won’t count for much in six years when it’s dug out of a cupboard because a file is needed :slight_smile:

I’ll expect a few “never heard of Plextor… must be IT cutting costs again” comments!


They can’t source plextor (it’s a business so there’s an “approved supplier” thing going on…).

They can get Fujifilm -

Fujifilm CD-R X10 PACK (700MB 52X) - P10DCRCA06A - £2.97 per pack
Fujifilm DVD+R JEWEL CASE X5 PACK 4.7GB 4X - P10DVPGE12A - £3.99 per pack

Hopefully these are the “good” ones… is it fair to say that they should be a better longterm bet than the Sonys?