Plextor / Taiyo 48x CD-R

can anyone recommend or warn against these plextor 48x cd-r discs, manufactured by taiyo yuden ?



Warn against them? That’s basically the best CD media available on the consumer market today. Period.

Highly recommended.

^^ What he said :bigsmile:

The Plextor DVD+Rs are good, too, if you have a DVD burner :iagree:

Since I can’t edit…they’re one of the best, alongside the unbranded TY’s I’ve bought from SVP (forgot all about those :doh: ).

A lot of folk say the Verbatim Pastels (also TY, and on SVP) are excellent also, but I never got hold of any :sad:

Yep, I have those CD-Rs and they are great!

Only the Verbatim DL+ Super AZO can manage the same quality; some drives burn the TYs better and some burn the Verbatims better.

There are still drives that manage to fu*# these up when burning at the drive’s maximum speed however, so if you plan to burn them faster than 32x in a DVD burner you had better test the quality of the burn!

The same goes for any other CD-R media burned in a DVD burner!

As an example, my own NEC ND-4551 burns these poorly at 40x but great at 32x.

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Agreed. Since I use my Plextor Premium for CD burning most of the time, I don’t burn data CDs faster than 32x (I burn audio discs slower), because at higher speeds (e.g. 52x), PowerRec reduces the speed at the end of the disc most of the time anyway. Besides, 52x is only 20-30 secs faster than 32x in my Premium, and the quality is usually worse. With most CD media available today, burning slower doesn’t improve quality either, so 32x is the sweet spot for this drive.

I used to buy a lot of Mitsubishi CD media as well, and especially the old Verbatim discs (8x max.) with the dark blue Azo dye were just awesome. The newer Super Azo discs burn very well, but not as good as the Taiyo Yuden discs, at least with my drives that is.

A very good alternative to Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi is Sony media btw. (for Europeans at least), see this thread for scans. This media is rather cheap, and widely availabe here in Germany.

I’m pretty sure the old Metal AZO CD-Rs can burn at 16x in modern burners. Mitsubishi still makes discs with that dye–the ones that look like vinyl records.

thanks everyone, i’ll be placing my order shortly !