Plextor Support

I’m not very happy with plextor support after 5 emails they now say send the drive as been faulty. (plextor 708a) They have cost me a great deal in blanc media. I feel like turning into the hulk. They said install the latest driver after it was already installed and i sent them my system info. what part of i have the latest drivers installed don’t they understand. They got chimps working for them ???

I had to read your post 5 time’s just to make sense of it!:eek:

I sent a email to Plextor support yesterday, got a response this morning that the drive is defective, requested a RMA - few hours later it arrived - GOOD service if you ask me.

Now, count to ten before you reply :stuck_out_tongue:

The same here a while ago with my Ultraplex 40 – drive recogized as defective, RMA, done, although shortly before Christmas, in about a week.

I must say plextor are quick when repairing or replacing a drive. Sent it on monday and got it back this friday. I was amaized to see it was a brand new drive. Drive working ok with all media now hope it stays this way :slight_smile: