Plextor sucks

wuppps my fault :a

i have the same prob with my 708a.After the third drive in 5 Months i sell it.

Wow … that really sucks. I know this doesn’t really help but I haven’t had any problems with Plex. i still have old scsi burners that are working fine. I did have problems with Liteon drives …spin up spin down never start the burn… I went through 2 52/24/52 and 166s in under I year… I went back to Plex and so far so good… maybe there is a bad batch going around

Plextor, King of Quality.


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Plextor, King of Quality :rolleyes:
LOL. I’ve always been fond of Plextor, but I guess I too have to change my mind due to this :

So what do you guys think ?

That’s are “Mixed mode CD” not audio CD.

CDExtra rather than mixed-mode?

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CDExtra rather than mixed-mode?
That’s right. To be perfectly honest with you, it’s Cactus prot 5.00.160.

And the main point here is that the disc is not being deteced by Plextor ( btw, by TEAC as well ),
and not what mode it is.
Also pls read [COLOR=blue]Audio Copy Prot - Cactus DS 200 & Feurio,
that’s gonna be continued soon. [/COLOR]

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That’s are “Mixed mode CD” not audio CD.
Oh well, have you ever heard of AnyDVD >

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Additionally AnyDVD hides any data session behind the audio tracks as well,
so it does bypass any copy protection based on “garbage in the second session”
(not only an “illegal TOC”) as well as “bad compressed audio tracks” in the second session,
or “anti copy protection autostart tool” in the second session…

even my scisi 8x with the candy tray works fine untill today…
and i have seen plextors burn thousands of cds without a glitch…(10.000-15.000)

So i just think that you are not lucky with this brand…

Sorry to hear about your problems.

Even though plextor is overpriced in my opinion they are still great drives. Not had one failing yet out of 4 drives ( PX-W1210TA, PX-W5224A, PX-708A and plextor Premium)…

What chipset do your mainboard have? and what IDE drivers are you using? As that may be a reason to all the strange fixation errors.

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and i have seen plextors burn thousands of cds without a glitch…(10.000-15.000)

So does mine…so far

just standart nforce2 mobo with normal windows ide drivers.
6 months ago I had a KT400 drive. dont worry its not like my computer is breaking my cdr drives. its just really really bad luck

still I am really frustrated :frowning:

weird. cdrw are fine to burn. most of the time cdr media works as well if it is slower then 24x speed.

faster it wont work.
when the burn starts (or simulation) in nero the buffer level wont go past 12% when the drive starts spinning up spinning… error. no seek complete

tried update my ide drivers and firmware as well and downgrading, tried different ide configuration.

anyway was no point really doing that cause the drive was working 3 days ago. :frowning:


reading features seem to be fine though and quality checks etc all work too

…and you have of course tried other (high quality) media?

If things keep failing like this over and over, it would be a good idea to check whether or not your power supply is working properly.

Also, are there a lot of power surges or flickers in your area? This can make your computer parts sick as well.

I am currently on my fourth plextor drive now. The 24x8x40 and 40x12x40 were perfect, but I had to get a replacement 708a.

germanjulian: Did you check or replace your IDE cable?
I had a bad cable once, and all weird sorts of problems with HD and CD-R. Get a good 80-wire UDMA cable, not longer than 45 cm, and see if that helps.
A bad cable could result in commands and data to and from the drive being distorted, this might also be a reason why Windows switched your drive back from UDMA to PIO.


It’s possible that the drives go bad–that’s why they have warranties. However, topics on this forum usually turn out to be chipset drivers, hardware configuration, software (Nero et al) and the problems seem to go away once all these other things have been corrected. Fixation errors (Nero, software conflicts),XP dropping into PIO mode, system crashes (DLA software)and a host of other problems have been reported that have nothing to do with the drive. Check out the BTC, Lite-on or other forums on this site, you’ll find the same gripes.

Nothing but good luck with my Plextors.

Maybe this was your fault but I’ve had a PXW1610TA go south on me less than two years after I bought it and I hadn’t even burned a stack of discs on it. When I contacted Plextor they were “Oh well, yeah it sounds bad but you’d be better off buying a new one”, so I did. I bought I PlexWriter Premium which (knock on wood I haven’t had problems with yet but it’s not two years old yet either). I bought a PX-716SA and it lasted all of about 14 months and I know I didn’t get 50 discs burned through that so at $117.99 divided by 50 disks, that’s about about $2.36 a burn, what a deal. :a

Plextor just sucks. They used to be a high quality company but not anymore. You get no more warranty from them than any other company (including OEM drives). So you can buy 3 or 4 non-Plextor drives and still be ahead of the game. BOTTOM LINE: their drives go out prematurely so why pay a premium price just for a “has been” name?

No more Plextor for me or any purchases I can intercept at the institution that I work at.

Nobody forces you to buy Plextor. :slight_smile: