Plextor stops production of SCSI CDRoms

I just posted the article Plextor stops production of SCSI CDRoms. reports that Plextor Europe will stop selling SCSI CD-Rom’s in Europe

The Plextor Europe has confirmed that they plan to stop selling SCSI-CDRoms in Europe (and in Middle-East,…

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Hmm, I don’t mind this after all. I prefer their writers. Their readers aren’t that great, get a Toshiba or a Kenwood!

Yes SCSI isn’t needed any more with the BurnProof technology But still I prefer SCSI

Plextor drives are the best readers in my opinion. Especially for DAE. Nothing better…

hai die hai, what’s next? firewire cd-rom? sounds cool :c

Plextor simply rules. I saw some other test and news on Plextor drives. One was a test between the latest 16X drives by Yamaha (8MB buffer!) and Plextor (only 2MB buffer) both IDE drives and the Plextor still was better then the Yamaha. And check this: Plextor sold over 1.500.000 drives last year! :*

Hey, sonic…did u ever had a plexreader? I’v got it 4, and commerced even the kenwood and toshiba ones. The kenwood is really great in speed, but gotta lotta problems with DAE extraction and copies(if u don’t use high quality CD-supports). The toshiba IS the best EIDE CD-Reader even, but i’ve experienced glitches when extracting audio, even from a brand-new original CD. Plextor’s reader r the best because they’ve implemented the C4 correction code…have you ever used EAC? If not, you can’t know how greatly u can improve your DAE quality! Believe me, i’m a technician, and i’ve passed the last 17 year becaming dumb as a brick trying to make the computer work! :slight_smile: