Plextor Still Manufactures The Premium!

There has been a lot of wispering in the fourms to the effects that Plextor no longer produces the premium.

:iagree: Plextor STILL manufactures the Premium, as their Top-of-The-Line CD-R Only solution. The PX-230A is their Budget Line CD-R Burner. I’ve confirmed this with Plextor SEVERAL times in the last 2-3 months, with 2 days ago as recent. Newegg just doesn’t have them. (They are still way more expensive than other cd-r driver approx 60-80 dollars) :iagree:

I just want to set the record straight. Plextor says if it’s on their site as a product, it is for sale and manufactured as well. I just bought one last week (total of 3 now)

Well that’s good to know :bigsmile: . I know that 52x was still as fast as the CDRW drives went these days, I was wondering why they would stop making it. It’s such an awesome drive that it just seemed weird they would stop. They’ll probably someday I guess come out with something like a PremiumPro or something, although I’m not sure how they could make it much better :). Of all the CDRW drives I’ve ever bought, I think that is my best one.

I bought the drive origionally because I always liked Plextor. As time went by I found out that with Blindwrite you can make a securom backup of most discs that have the special density variation of securom 4 & up. then Futureproof taught me the ways of Padus Disc Juggler (which by the way is an excellent program) that allows to make clean 1:1 copies of safedisc. Now most drives will play the securom, some of mine won’t play the safedisc (namely my cd only Sony & my HP laptop drive) but the others will pass without emulation. Now, most people say that 70 bucks is expensive for a cd burner, but I bought my first Premium for 130 and my last one was 65, And compared to the quality burns and the ability to back up my games, it’s really priceless.

Ya exactly right chief, especially about the securom and safedisc thing. I bought first the Liteon 5232S and then the Asus5232 thinking I could kill the newer safediscs, this was after I already had the Premium. Problem is, I had only tried the PlexPremium with other softs besides Discjuggler, and it didn’t make such great copies with Alcohol or Blindwrite or a couple others, played in a couple drives but that was it. I could actually make somewhat good copies with the Liteon and Asus, but they didn’t play in several drives I tried, and I tried ALOT of different setting combos. I even tried the Asus and Litey with Discjuggler, several combos of settings, and different combos of which one as reader/writer, but didn’t go so well.

Then, I tried my Premium with Discjuggler, not expecting much, and wow!!! I instantly regreted even buying the Litey and the Asus (lol Asus I gave to my dad, and the Litey is in my gf’s computer). That beautiful drive known as the Premium made kick ass copies! Out of the like 10 different drives I tried, the Premium copies installed and played in ALL of them except my Toshiba 1712, it’s a picky son of a… One thing about this, is the Plex HAD to be the reader and the writer or it didn’t work. Using any other drive as the reader, the results sucked in comparison. And for securom nothing beats it of course, every copy plays in every drive I’ve tried, screw using twinpeaks. :bigsmile:

I’m glad you had a good expirience. The reading is very important because safedisc uses the pre-gap information to verify if the disc is good or not. Have you tried reading with the premium and writing with the ASUS? I head that works.

I actually use 2 of my premiums and have 1 in “kryogenic” storage incase of a failure… sure 70 bucks a pop, but my games cost more than that… Toshiba… URRRR

Ya I did try that, and it didn’t do nearly so well as reading and writing with the Plex, in fact it kinda sucked if I remember correctly. I tried every combo of reader/writer and a crap load of different settings, spent alot of time on it. For me anyway, the Asus and Litey did pretty good with Alcohol or Blindwrite, but Discjuggler didn’t do well with either drive no matter what I tried.

But then, this was several months back, so I haven’t tried any new versions of any of these softwares. I been too busy with any spare time lately backing up my somewhat big movie collection, so I haven’t been doing any CD burning at all. I been working on making 1 backup of all my movies, so I can put them in a big ass Case Logic book and take them with me when I go somewhere, plus just so I have a backup too. I’ve bought several games since then too, I just try to be careful with them, until I do go back to some CD burning. My dad has the Asus now and he’s almost 3hrs drive from me, maybe someday soon I’ll temporarily steal it back from him and try again. :slight_smile:

I’ve had success using a read from a pioneer dvr-109, but just about everything else I own throws up errors for every sector:

HP Laptop - the most embarassing one of them all
Sony CD Reader
Ol’ School DVD-ROM Toshiba
Pioneer a109
Very dissapointing. Gotta have several of these drives encase one fails.