Plextor ships low cost PX-740A & offers 8x DVD-R DL support



I just posted the article Plextor ships low cost PX-740A & offers 8x DVD-R DL support.


a well known brand for professional recording equipment has started shipping its low cost 16x DVD Burner, targeted at mainstream PC users with a suggested retail price…

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From what i have heard on the forums the Plextor 740A is a rebadged BenQ 1640 so it will be a very good writer if this is true.


And does it burn 8X on 2.4x blanks?


Yes, it a rebaged BenQ 1620. It will only burn MCC 2.4x media @ 8x presently.


Huh? I didn’t think this drive started shipping until June.


They didn’t take long since the first announce By the time it was said to be a rebadged BenQ drive. It can be a good thing as it supports technologies from the Philips/BenQ universe, as Lossless Linking / Zero Link. But Plextor used to be a Brand name and we cannot regret that things like VariRec are missing…and I think the corporate user is not the one that will blame it the most…


Sorry read “we can only regret” instead of “not regret”, obviously.


Unlikely the BenQ 1620 : as far as I know the 1620 doesn’t support 8x on DL media … :wink: Probably the 1640 does… (?)


Yeah, the 1640 supports 8x DVD+R DL


these drives are always rewinding and playing back the recorded data in order to fine tune the strategy during the burn, especially at 16X. Theres not much point in making the 2MB buffer much bigger as even if the buffer is full the whole way through you would still not get a continuous burn, Mr. byrne :stuck_out_tongue: lol