Plextor sata burner reading very slowly

It actually writes more than twice as fast as it reads. Using the latest dvdfab beta… Check dma enabled, and I “reset dma” and rebooted. Same thing. Reading all discs at about 2.5 MB/sec - I have used dvdfab previously with this burner and gotten 11-12MB /sec reads… Anything else I can try?

In Device Manager have you checked the IDE Channels to see if any are stuck inPIO Mode Only :confused:

Keep the Eject-button pressed for 3 seconds before inserting the disc or enable SpeedRead in PlexTools.

I have found that read-aheads can cause problems when trying to backup some discs with structure protection .:frowning:

How long have you had this burner ? Also, is it a sudden rash of movie’s or a single title giving you trouble. ~ Mike
A single title giving you trouble may be the disk itself.

I’ve noticed the same thing with my New Pioneer 111L 8.29 read speeds start at .5 and slowly move up to about 3.8 I use Taiyo’s +r and my dma is fine



All read speeds start slow and speed up from there, no burner will start off what it will finially read at and most burners will read around 4.5mb from what I have read in the specs, if I am wrong Tim,Ron,Tom,Paul or Mac will let you know as they have more smarts than me :frowning: the burner reads from the center out so the begining read will be slower

Hi Jim, and all. My read speed in a general sense will reach approx. between 6.5 mb/s to sometimes 7.5 mb/s. It also depends I’ve found on how good the encryption on the movie is too. Low budget flicks like Let’s Go To Prison only took 13 min. to read at over 8 mb/s. Where as, Stranger Than Fiction took over twice as long. Hope this helps. ~ Mike


This is a pretty obvious question, but have you gone through all he setting in the PlexTools dialog sets? There are a ton of settings that can cause problems in there. I would check the SpeedRead bit on the “Advanced” page to make sure it was actually set by the suggestion above. Also check the “Silent Mode” page to make sure that’s not enabled with a low read speed enabled. That page even has a setting to slow down how fast (er, slow) the tray opens and closes so if your tray seems really slow, that’s a major clue. You might also want to check the “Autostrategy Database” on the “Advanced” page. I think is only adjusts the write parameters but if you see the discs you are using in the AS database list you might want to uncheck it and see if things change at all. Good luck!

Mike a little misunderstanding I think, maybe I didn’t word it right, what I ment is if it’s an 16x disk the burner isn’t going to start at 16x and continue to 16x, it will start a little slower and work it’s way up to 16x, or is it to damn early and haven’t had my coffee yet ?

DVDs read from inside outwards, so the outside tracks are passing the laser quicker. I think Fab now has technology that will not let the drive run faster than the media will accept, but think that only applies to burning. It could be a hard to read disc.


Thats very true Mike it all depends on the protection on the movies, some will go fast and some will go a little slower, My read speed was the same as your’s on Lets Go To Prison