Plextor rumors confirmed: Plextor to produce SCSI drives again

interceptor, Hate to burst your bubble but 7200 is def. not the fastest IDE drive. Hasn’t been for a while. They’ve had 10,000 ones for over a year now and I even heard mention of 15,000 ones a few months back. Cant remember where though so not sure if it’s true. Pop - there goes that bubble :slight_smile:

Nila, The fastest IDE drive is 7200 RPM. SCSI hard drives come in 7200, 10000, and 15000 RPM flavors, but IDE is still stuck at 7200 RPM. As for Plextor’s new drive, I think SCSI optical drives are a dying breed; only musicians (for SCSI-interfaced mixers, etc.) or enthusiasts actually demand them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Plextor UltraPlex 40Max and 12/10/32S, but those now reside in another system. My Teac 540E is a better burner than my 12/10/32, and my Asus 52X is a better CD-ROM than my 40Tsi. There really is little reason to stick with SCSI in the optical world, since IDE has a far larger market, and therefore receives all the new technologies. The last bastion for SCSI is really the high-end workstation/server market, where super I/O throughput and expandability is of high concern. However, I’m still gonna get that new Plextor because it’ll be friends with the 12/10/32S. :slight_smile:

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