Plextor rumors confirmed: Plextor to produce SCSI drives again

I just posted the article Plextor rumors confirmed: Plextor to produce SCSI drives again.

From several people we received mails that rumors go that Plextor would start the production of SCSI drives again. Of course we contacted Plextor to see if the rumor is true and if we could get…

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Yessss! Thanks Plextor, nice goodwill indeed! :4

Thats great news indeed. Finally new SCSI model. I hope other will follow with this and keep the SCSI market interesting again.

Wouldn’t it have been quicker if Plextor made a deal with CD Freaks making a survey between 75.000 (and more) Plextor aficionados? :4 I think that releasing a SCSI burner is a MUST!

Well, who needs SCSI writers nowadays :slight_smile: (except either for setups with more than 2 writers, and for people who have hibernated the last 5 years and still haven’t found out that IDE has been improved in the meantime) :wink:

Everybody should use SCSI , much better !!!

It’s not better (for single-burner setups), it’s a status symbol to boast with and to impress friends who know nothing but that SCSI is more expensive :4

Good for you plextor, hope it is a DVD+RW drive or better a DVD+RW/DVD-RW combination drive. Bye Stefan

I can see alot of people making a mess in their pants after reading this :4

Heh I remember many years ago asking if they had plans to make a rewritable drive and they said no but changed their minds seems if demand is enought they will cater for that demand, sensible really :wink:

i hope they restart to make cdwriters and dvd writers -> maybe nog that frequent as IDE drives, but i hope they will release once or twice a year a new device! PLEXTOR king of QUALITE -> PLEX RULEZ! :slight_smile:

Too little too late. I got rid of all my scsi drives long ago and am not looking back.

Now they just need to start makin dvd burners, thats all I’m waitin for. :4

I’m ready for Serial ATA myself.

That is cool of Plextor to do, personally once they release SATA drives I will forget about my SCSI Plexwriter.

great news. scsi is much better than atapi. If people say anything else, then because they’ve got no money for a scsi drive and now start bitching. so stay with your crappy atapi drives, what do I care… me, I am going to buy the new scsi plextor drive

Thank god for that, I have a UtlraPlex and a SCSI 12/10/32s, and was not prepared too move over too an IDE Writer, they consume far too much of the CPU’s time, have only a 2meg buffer. If you start using yer hard drives, the IDE version will very rapidly start using the B/Underun technology every few seconds. I have seen it on me m8t’s System and he is running the same Writer as me but it is the IDE version and in his system is an AMD XP1800 processor, so in a few words, basically they are crap. Compare this to a Plextor SCSI Writer which has a nice 4meg buffer and you can still browse the web use yer hard drives etc. Without the Buffer Underrun Technology kicking in all the time :slight_smile: SCSI is still the way forward and is still in use by many companies. SCSI Hard drives can spin upto 10,000rpm while the fasted ATA HD is only 7,200rpm If you beg too differ then your knowledge of PC technology needs sorting, go back too School and start again. Greetz from a happy Diplomat :8 p.s. Basically I know my stuff inside out been working with pc’s since 1990, thats 12 years of experience :4 I am damn sure alot of the members of this great site will also back me up with the contest between SCSI and IDE Writers, there is no contest, SCSI is and will remain the only option too those in the know about hardware :wink: I too will be upgrading to this new Plex Writer and hopefully it will fully support the technology too backup up SD2. My Plexor can burn SD2, but is limited too x4 but who cares at least I get a fully functional backup that works in both CDWriters, UltraPlex and Pioneer DVD I sadly own a lite-on x32 modded too x48 ide drive for SD2 but it is crap as well.

WOOHOO! I’ll finally be able to upgrade from this 12/4/32 plextor ive been using for almost 3 years. Without the SCSI CDRW i wouldnt be able to hook up all my hard drives (over 500 gigs of space). PS: Interceptor, SCSI hard drives top out at 15,000 rpm not 10,000.

I have seen it on me m8t’s System and he is running the same Writer as me but it is the IDE version and in his system is an AMD XP1800 processor
Then your mate’s system has a problem since burning with IDE on an AMD 1800+ should be no problem at all. I do all my reviews on an AMD 700MHz computer. 48X burning is no problem.

hmmm do you really need scsi these days as there is absolutly nothing wrong with atapi writers and most are less than $100 just look at the liteon and yes i have scsi but the atapis are bloody good these days:d