Plextor rules liteon

just a statement:every dvd I rip is 1,5 times faster in my plex then in my litey! :bow: :bow: :bow:
even with speedhack!!
srr for U litey-fans… (and the noise! :p)

…and the price of the plex is 2 or 3 times higher than the Liteons, lol.

Apples and Oranges. Liteons are good drives for the money and they burn some media better than Plexs too. As far as quiet my Liteons are not loud? :confused:

:stuck_out_tongue: @ Scheirmes

The Litey in this machine is loud…it’s like a whirlwind when it gets going. But it’s such a good reader/ripper that I can live with that. :iagree:

yet another plextor fanboy who needs to justify his (or her) purchase of a plextor for the price of 2.5 liteons.

Just what is your rip speed on a full DL disc? I find your assertion of “1.5” times ambiguous. Maybe your Liteons are not properly configured? I find I get 12X-13X so you must be getting, let me see; 12X times 1.5= 18X?

Also if you increase the rip speed of the plexs using plextools, they are just as loud as the liteons. :wink: My 1693 is pretty quiet actually.

rrrright… :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :disagree: :disagree:

just wanted to start a little fire :stuck_out_tongue:

both excellent drives!

Fire was drowned by facts.

mea culpa:stock firmware :doh: :doh: :o :o
now both equally fast! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
tornado-noise! :bigsmile:

I still want to see your 18X rip? My AOpen hit that [I]one[/I] time with an ALI chipset.

firmware was not tweaked:I was getting 8× max…
now 12x 13x average

both are limited @ 16x I thought?

16X is theoretical. It is never achieved on DL discs and rarely on SL. NEC seems to be the fastes on burned discs.

I thought so 2.I’ve had some SL moviediscs(eg “racing stripes”) that maxed @ 15,5× 15,6×

then how did u get 18x?