Plextor RMA Service

hey, got a question about the speed of plextors RMA service…
im planning to RMA my drive back to plextor due to bad vibrations. how fast is it for plextor to recieve my drive from the UK, exchange it then send a drive back to me here in the UK? anyone from the UK sent their drive for RMA? how fast was your service?

…sevice is very good but follow there instructions on how to fill out the DHL forms though. My first RMA return was back within 5 days(that included a weekend), second 6 days ( a DHL problem)…

Very quick service, 5 days in total including the weekend.

what are the reasons that are accepted to rma a drive?
I am not happy with the burn results of my drive and I using taiyo yuden media,
can I rma the drive? warranty has nearly expired, so i have to know and fast, thanks alot.

doesn’t plextor have “at your door” pick-up/drop-off service in europe (as opposed to the customer dealing with shipping)?

prankz, you are from the UK so you are very lucky. Here is a real experience from a lucky UK customer.

I submitted my RMA form on Monday morning. Just gave brief details of the problem and told them I wanted a new drive. In the afternoon Plextor Europe replied to my email and said the RMA has been authorised. They asked me to run PXInfo.exe and submit the results. I did. On Tuesday morning I got an email saying a new drive had been shipped and would leave Brussels in the evening. They even gave me a link to DHL website to track the shipment status. Wednesday morning DHL delivered the new drive at my door.

Plextor said the old drive might be required to be sent back to them and they would contact me within 2 weeks and said that if I didn’t hear from them within 2 weeks then I should destroy the drive. I never heard from them again so I keep the old drive. :stuck_out_tongue:

MarioGarcia, are you from the UK too? If not then the procedure might be different. For example, people in the US have to send the defective drive back to Plextor first and they have to pay for the shipping. But I don’t think they are gonna let you RMA your drive. But you can try. No harm in trying. :stuck_out_tongue: (suppose that you are from the UK).

I live in Belgium just 25 minutes by car from brussels.

just go bang on their door then :bigsmile:


Plextor Europe is located at:
Excelsiorlaan 9 B-1930 Zaventem, Belgium
Phone: +32-2-725-55-22
FAX: +32-2-725-94-95

wow! wish I had known that last year when I was in Brussels!