Plextor RMA not working in EU?

One of my 755A drives died last weekend (9 months old) and on Monday I requested a RMA from the European site. In EU, Plextor comes with a 2 year collect and return warranty, and on their own site they say at most 24 hours to process a request.

Wednesday I sent a new request because nothing had happened.

Now it is Friday and still not a word from Plextor despite all their lofty promises on both the retail boxes and on their own site.

Has anyone got any recent experiences on this matter? This is my first RMA with Plextor even though i got 9 different models, so I have no previous expereinces with them regarding RMA.

Thanks in advance for any input!

I had a drive replaced a few weeks back and total transaction time was 5 days (Saturday to Wednesday). So if you substract the weekend and an additional info request on Monday, they effecitvely processed within 24 hours (Monday) and delivered within another 48 hours (late Monday to noon Wednesday).

I finally got a reply to my original request (sent early Monday) on Friday at 11:58. FIVE working days for something that according to Plextor themselves should take 24 hours. I’m pretty disappointed.

Let’s just hope that getting a working drive won’t take this long, and that I get a real premium drive and not some rebadged junk they are selling now. If so, this could take a while getting sorted out.

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

It took all in all about 3 weeks getting a replacement which I think is simply not acceptable, but at least i got another new 755A.

What is worse though is that my second (out of 4) 755A also have failed me now but with a completely different fault. This drive takes forever writing leadout (making creepy noises), and also scratches the disk, just like the laser is hitting the disk.

I always inspect my disks before putting them in the drives, so I know they were without any scratches before going into the drive.

I use an well cooled, air filtered Antec P180 and high quality components overall, including the PSU. Nothing else has failed me for several years, but these 755A seems like total crap to be honest.

Let’s hope the RMA goes quicker this time.