Plextor reveals external hard disks @ CeBIT 2005

Just received these images in my inbox. Plextor will unveil portable hard disks and floppy drives at CeBIT 2005. The hard disks will be developed in cooperation with I-O DATA DEVICE.

  • PX-FD1U; portable floppy drive
  • PX-PH04U; 40 GB, USB 2.0 interface, no seperate power source needed
  • PX-PH08U; 80 GB, USB 2.0 interface, no seperate power source needed
  • PX-EH25L; 250 GB, Network Attached Storage (NAS) Hard Disk with built-in Print Server and automated back-up options.


[ul][li]Name: PX-PH04U (40GB) / PX-PH08U (80GB)
[/li][li]OS: Win XP, 2000 Professional, Me, 98SE
[/li][li]Interface: USB2.0, 1.1
[/li][li]Transfer Rate: USB 2.0 Max 480Mbps, USB 1.1 Max 12Mbps
[/li][li]RPM: 5400
[/li][li]Extra:[list][]Includes write protection switch[]LED to indicate if connected to USB 2.0 or 1.1[]Possibilty to connect AC adapter 5V in case sufficient power can not provided[/ul][/list]
[/li][ul][li]Name: PX-EH25L (250GB)
[/li][li]OS: Win XP, 2000 Professional, Me, 98SE
[/li][li]Interface: LAN: 100 Base-TX/10 Base-T, RJ45 connector
[/li][li]Transfer Rate: Max 100 Mbps/ Max 10 Mbps
[/li][li]RPM: 5400
]Extra: [list][]Shared storage[]Print server[]FTP server[]Backup scheduler to USB hard disk[/ul][/list]Pictures:

Hmmm, looks very much like I-O DATA
At least from the Pictures

yes indeed they do, koba. interesting move on Plextor’s part…

That NAS drive looks great. Funny thing is, I’m in the market for an external 3.5" floppy drive too.

The hard disks will be developed in cooperation with I-O DATA DEVICE.

Hmmm, looks very much like I-O DATA

Hmmm you are clever koba :wink:

drpino> yes a very interesting move by Plextor. But also on I-O datas part. I-O DATA is big over here but I dont know about I-Os name value in other parts of the world (they have subsidiaries in the US and Europe and other places too).
Maybe NEC users know I-O data because of the Firmware (some modded NEC firmwares use I-Os as base) but I dont know about the rest. So I think its a good business chance for both companies. Plextor using its name value to expand their storage business and I-O extending their business through Plextor.

noNECy >Yeah I know about the cooperation with I-O Data. But I just wanted to point out that it is absolutely the same design.

don’t think IO Data is as big here (US) as it is there. Plex seems to be keen on diversifying their product lineup. opti drives, then HW vid convertors and now HDs…hope they don’t lose too much focus though.

Don’t forget about their line of optical media (developed in cooperation with Taiyo Yuden) :wink:

I have never seen Plextor branded discs on sale over here…
The only I have was bundled with a PX-W1210TS and that was a CD-RW…

Interesting change in trading strategy, but they will face a lot of competition in the market, where USB 2.0 HDDs and Floppy drives already exist.
PX-EH25L (250GB) seems more original but if the indicated transfer rate is also the one for HDD/Main computer seems a bit low, as its strange if the connection is via RJ and not USB 2.0.
HDDs are not the fastest (5400) but that seems ok. Another story is to look at MAX transfer rates and not at minimum sustained rates, or having the size of the cache (will it be 2 or 8 MB?).
And just one USB connection for power can be not enough, as it risks slowing down the disk’s speed.
As we do not see the rear side of the devices, do they have a second connetion to grab more power? This can be important, specially for notebooks.
Can it receive an external power supply?
Besides I do prefer firewire connection (specially for video - DV) I have an external USB 2.0 HDD and it works fine but have these connections.
The external power will give you stability and help to kepp the competer cooler - as the disk contributes to increase the heat, if it grabs power from the machine - this is importante for long operation periods.
More details on PX-EH25L would be of interest, if someone can provide the info.

As far as i can tell the I-O Data Mobile HDDs are Bus powered with the otption for AC adapter.
The NAS from I-O DATA have external power only.
In the lower part of the page there is a pic of the backside.
And as far as I know 3.5 inch HDD cannot be used with buspower.
The last I-O DATA mobile HDD I used had a Toshiba HDD and the External 3.5inch (without NAS) was a Maxtor HDD.
This is only with the I-O DATA but since Plextor’s are produced under cooperation with I-O and the design is the same the chances that the specs are the same is big.
Specs of the I-O DATA 250GB NAS:
Transferrate over FTP is MAX 94.5Mbps since its 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T
It has RJ45 conector and is switchable between MDI/MDI-X and 2 USB Ports for Additional HDD and/or Printer
Win and Mac Fileserver, FTP capable
Printer protocol is SMB over TCP/IP for Windows only
It has support for NTP time setting, DHCP for getting IP address and Wake On LAN
Filesystem is a special one but you can reformat drive to FAT32.
But by formating to FAT 32 you loose some features like read/writing over Network (read only with FAT32), setting which folders to share (under FAT32 whole disc will be shared/not shared) and setting access rights to folders (in FAT 32 only accessing rights for whole disc can be set, not folder level).
But with FAT32 you can use this disc and connect to your Computer directly via USB2 which you cant with the special Filesystem (you loose some NAS features).
So when using as NAS only method for connecting to Computer is via RJ45.

Hi Koba
Thanks for extensive info