Plextor releases the Premium2 CD-RW!

Look at Plextor Japan:

Some new (compared to the first Premium) stuff i noticed:

  • added 2x and 48x writing speeds
  • added Yamahas Audiomaster mode
  • Varirec now can be set in .1 steps
  • Gigarec 0.6x up to 1.4x (adding .9x and 1.1x settings)
  • added Plexeraser
  • short build (17cm)

a complete comparison table is here:

Mechanical translation from the product page:

As for function of CD-R/RW drive although presently it is included in record type DVD drive the customer who records CD-R/RW with record type DVD drive still it is to be many, and others the っ plain gauze is. On the one hand, with business use demand for CD-R/RW drive was high, we had received the demand of new product development from your many customers. This way furthermore with プレクスター, to develop PlexWriter Premium2 as a succession type of type PlexWriter Premium “PX-W5232TA” until recently and to sell by the demand from the customer. As for “Premium2” the front model, “Premium” being similar, technology "AudioMASTER of the Yamaha corporation which has established reputation in addition to the numerous Premium function which it actualizes for the first time in the world, as a treble quality record? "Loading the function and corresponding to 2 time stenography record and adopting etc. the acoustic condenser, until recently you adhered to the sound quality which is not in the product. In addition, it corresponds to also the specification harmful matter use restriction “RoHS order” of Europe, as one for business and sufficient, we have become the product which can be used. AudioMASTER? It is registered trade mark of the Yamaha corporation in Japan.

Now I know what I´m going to purchase in the future (as soon as it appears in Europe) :bigsmile:
Good news and thanks hwp :bow:

Thanks [B]hwp[/B]!

I’m waiting for the excuses from some members… :bigsmile:

Thanks [I]hwp[/I]! :clap:

If I read the speficication page correctly, 2x has been added as a speed for GigaRec too. :slight_smile:


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Wow! Too bad I don’t burn more than one CD per month any more. :sad:

Let’s see how it deals with SecuRom etc… :iagree:

  • added Yamahas Audiomaster mode

That’s something i wish my 48/24/48 had :frowning: but i’ll have to live with vary rec :slight_smile:

Does it still work with BlindWrite 'tho…?

But not from me…i believed in you :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Ok, that are great news!!

thanks for the news hwp!

Aaaargh. Hhhmmmm. Sorry Mr. eltranquil :bow:
I will be a nice little guy in the future (say for 5 minutes :bigsmile: )
Ok, ok, will add some more minutes :kiss:

adds Premium 2 to his wishlist

I was so depressed when Plextor announced they dropped the first Premium, only to know that Premium2 is coming out relieves my worries.

I hope Plextor is planning to release an external model because I’ve got no more open bays to fit the Premium2 in!!!

time to build a new rig Two Degrees :iagree:

Plextor disappointed me with the 716, so I’m definitely waiting for experiences of the users here before I rush out and buy one. My Premium1 will have to suffice until then.


If the BlindWrite “trick” still works, this one will defenitely go right into my rig. :iagree:

Plextor. :flower:

Incredible! Seems to be the definitive CD writer for Hi-Fi enthusiasts.
Premium functions & AudioMASTER together! Unbelieveble!
Anyway, GigaRec was a “AudioMASTER like” function, with values set to < 1.0 (0.9 - 0.6)
I own the Yamaha CRW-F1, featuring AudioMASTER.
It always made good recordings, with very low Jitter and an almost perfect Beta… :smiley:

Contrary to the most replies here I think Plextor has finally lost its head. As I understand the main feature is writing audio CD’s at 2x. That’s good, but the thing is, most of the CDRs sold today are optimized for high speed writing, even the TY. I checked 4x and 8x on TYs and 4x gives twice as many C1 errors as writing at 8x does. I suppose writing at 2x will give even more errors. This drive is completely pointless. If anything I’d rather buy second premium.

And the price tag of ~$170 for pretty much useless 2x speed? Keep dreaming plextor, keep dreaming…

The main feature is the Audio Master mode, and the fact that a high end CD-RW burner is going to give better results than a DVD burner on CD-R/RW. This is an enthusiast item, for people that are really serious about their audio CD burning. Obviously it’s not for you, but Plextor definitely has not lost its head. This thing WILL sell with the target market. And the prices are always higher in Japan, so you don’t know what the US price will be. Besides, where are you going to get another Premium1?