Plextor releases new firmwares for W1210TS & W1610TA

Nila, I believe they do release quality products, so these bugs were probably in progress to be released, not a cause of SD2 event.

I have a Plextor 8220 firmware 1.05 its on the list but i dunno what this means: PX-W8220 (SCSI) only if TLA=01xx i have tla=0201 i can try to make a copy of RA2 and see what happens

Hello, I just finished updating my 16x Plextor firmare to the new 1.01 version. Naturally, the first thing I did was to try and copy Red Alert 2. I am not sure how my Plextor would handle this copy prior to the update as I had not tried it. (playbackup works for me) Curious as to the outcome? Well, there are good and bad news. The good news is that it played out of the Plextor drive, and the bad that it didn’t on my other drive. Here is how I did it: latest clone cd version with: fast error skip, 4x read (clony software told me so)& 4x write (if the write speed matters at all…does anyone know?). Oh, well. It seems that Plextor did not change anything in regards to SD2 in this firmware version for their new 16x drives, unless it was not able to copy and read on itself before either (does anyone know?). Perhaps someone has better luck?:c

Hi all, I also updated my Plexi 1610 with the latest firmware and it runs like hell, burnt a complete 74min disc in about 4 min!!! For me Plextor always did a great Job and in my opinion the SD2 problem can’t be solved by updating the firmware - Plextor said themself it’s a chipset problem and so think I! You can’t make hardware more perfect just by updating something (let’s say the firmware!), all you can get is an error-free working device :4

Hello, I have also a Plex1610 but I never can write at 16* without any underruns, can someone help. I have a p1k 256kb ram and ibm45gig hd@ATA100 so I don’t think its something to do with my system.

I got a PX-R820T SCSI firmware 1.07 and a Aopen 40x cddrive and there is no problem with copying SD2 games :4

Hello, Isearch the Plextorsite’s for the update’s but didn’t find any.Who can tell me where I can find the update for 12-10-32scsi V1.02. Thanks Friends.