Plextor releases new firmwares for W1210TS & W1610TA

I just posted the article Plextor releases new firmwares for W1210TS & W1610TA.

While we’re in a middle of a discussion about Plextor and SafeDisc 2 I received a mail about a website update on the Plextor site. They’ve updated some firmwares. Well I have my ideas about this, and…

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gonna try this with my 12/10/32s! hmmmm just need a SD2 protected game, i’ll let ya know if anything new come’s up:7

I think evereybody hopes they changed there minds about the raw-write bug/feature :slight_smile:

DAMN! :frowning: I own the 12/10/32 ATAPI…

I’m wondering: My Plextor 8/2/20 can copy SD2 discs like nothing. Who also has a Plextor that can copy SD2 (please mention firmware version).

i have a plex16, but no SD2 disc…gonna search for one, and then i will post it here

:4 i have a Plextor 8/20 Firware 1.07 and a Plextor 12/4/32 Firware 1.04 Both burners workt 100% :4 :4

All the plex users want that Plextor changes his acions about Safedisc 2 and again continue being the Number 1. I hope :4 But ,for the moment my 8432 isn´t happy with Plextor :c

This isn’t the news I want. The news I want relates to SCSI models. I have the 124TSi and it’s a great drive except for the small fact it cant copy SD2 games. The newer speeds are picking up but they’re all IDE and I like not having my IDE bus screaming while I burn. That’s why I have a nice lovely SCSI card. If they make drives for professionals they should realise that SCSI is all around better than IDE even if the IDE drive does have burn proof and so SCSI isn’t necessary. It costs slightly more for the user as they have to have a SCSI card as well but lets face it, the guys who buy Plextor burners aren’t looking for a cheap option. GIVE US SCSI!! :slight_smile:

Officially these are the updates for the PX - W1210TS V1.02: - Hang up in following combination: i440BX / Windows Me / EZ CD Creator / DMA Mode / 16X writing Well that’s something new - 16x writing on a 12x burner LOL :slight_smile: @Nila: I totally agree - Plextor give us SCSI burners !!

Have upgraded my plextor 1610, copied red alert 2… Playing in my plex works great now, but my pioneer 105s still won’t… :c

Well, let’s not get into the SCSI discussion. I think this firmware update, if it has secretly something to do with RAW write, is good. Let us be honest and praise them for that ! It’s a good sign of Plextor…

upgrated my Plextor16x with the 1.01 firmware and tried copying RA2 CD1 … and guess what! --Still DOES NOT Work! But I have to ammit I overburned the CD on a 74 min CD, but the cd is around 76 min’s, but the burn was successfull ! Maybe I’ll try it with a 80 min cd, let you know what comes out of it :slight_smile:

well…i see 2 people already who say it doesn’t work…i don’t think overburning has anything to do with it. damn.i don’t think it is going to work:( :c

Well don’t have a plextor so do’nt need it. Want to have a hp update so i can burn cd’s longer then 78 minutes and 30 seconds. Perhaps somebody no’s something about this. I got a hp 8100 i and using nero.

I just got a hold of Red Alert 2, fired up the old CloneCD and it seems that the copy works fine. I have a Plextor12x with the latest 1.08 firmware. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work but to my suprise it did. I was wondering when a SafeDisc2 copy fails, when exactly do you know that it failed. What I meen is, at what point do you find out that your copy didn’t work?

If the game keeps prompting to insert the CD I think :). My experience is that if CloneCD blazes tru all those errors (usually from sector 800 - 10000) with Fast Error Skip ON, and it doesn’t have any more errors, the copy works. Another Question: does everybody have a good speed whit those read errors ? It takes me only a few seconds.

a copy is good when: you can play it in another cd-rom player than your burner, and it doesn’t nag for the cd in your burner it should always work…even with older firmware (am i right? i think so)

To be honest about this firmware update. I really really doubt it’s a reaction from Plextor from all our whining. If it is I’m very worried. Developing software takes a lot of time and effort and firmware is even more crucial as it cannot have any errors or it might ruin the drive. If they threw together a new firmware this fast as a result of our complaints I’d personally be worried - sounds like a MS job to me -> a quick patch that causes more errors.

I had sucess with my 124tsi v1.07 with red alert 2 but failed with 1.04 to made a working copy of nba live 2k1.see my results at in setion 124tsi/i will know the truth