Plextor releases new firmwares for PX-W1610TA

I just posted the article Plextor releases new firmwares for PX-W1610TA.

Plextor has released new firmware for the PX - W1610TA. The current firmware version is now 1.02. These are the official updates:

Fixed Bugs:

  • Drive may hang when Read Speed is…
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Anyone know if there’s a hack to install it on a 12x Plextor? I would like to get a 16x burner for free!

Would be Cool getting a 16/10 for the price off a 12/10 :))

I don’t think it will be easy to hack - or maybe impossible without some sort of clue to the specifications. But if you open their firmwares with a hex editor - you’ll notice that they have references to previous models. Strange ? For instance the firm for PX-1210A (12x) has references to PX-12832T (8x) ? And similar to the other firmwares. Can this mean that it might be possible ?