Plextor releases firmware 1.06 for PX-W1210TS drive

I just posted the article Plextor releases firmware 1.06 for PX-W1210TS drive.

Plextor Europe notified us that they have updated the firmware of their PX-W1210TS drive to version 1.06 which adds support for 99 minutes CD-Rs.

Fixed Bugs:

Hang-up after eject of…

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That’s about time! For months every new shipped CDRW drive (except Plextor) can write 99 minutes cds, and now, now when everybody buys drives from other brands because Plextor doesn’t support 'all" features, now Plextor begins to update all drives so they can also write 99 minutes… A bit late don’t you think? Offcourse if you are one of those guys with this drive you may feel lucky you finally get support for it!

yeeehaa :wink:

OMG, A NEW FIRMWARE FOR MY SCSI PLEXTOR, ALL IS NOT LOST :wink: sos about the caps, me was all excited :g Greets from the Diplomat :8 Hey what about the poor SCSI UltraPlex Reader, been no new firmware for what seems like eternity :frowning: :slight_smile: :g See all is not lost, SCSI still rocks :4