Plextor Rebrands

Hi there guys.Can someone tell me which manufacturer produces every Plextor DVD-RW model?I am talking about Rebranding.
i.e:the Plextor 504 was identical to the NEC 1100.

Is there a list or something that shows all DVD-RW models of Plextor and their manufacturer (NEC/BenQ etc).?

Thanx in advance guys!!! :wink:

Plextor 740 = BenQ 1640
Plextor 750 = TEAC DV-W516E

I think those are the only two besides the 504

I also think PX-755/760 = BenQ 1670

I thought most of the Plextors are rebranded???Isn’t it true?
What about the legendary 716?(Something about Sanyo chipset etc)

Most Plextors are made by Plextor. The only rebrands I know of are 740,750, 605, 504 and the 608 series.
The 755 and 760 as well as the 704, 708,706A2, 712 and 716 are Plextor made.


i have a PX716 + 716AL

i would have been pissed if they are the same as the much cheaper BenQ drives

OEM Plextors in Europe

PX-504 NEC
PX-740 BenQ/Philips

PX-116A1 Pioneer
PX-116A2 & A3 ASUS (or another OEM that ASUS buys from)
PX-130 BenQ/Philips

PX-230 BenQ/Philips

I wonder why so many people think the 755 and 760 are rebadged BenQ drives. Don’t they read the spec sheets? If you see AutoStrategy, GigaRec, PowerRec, etc that’s a dead giveaway it’s an original Plextor design.

Sadly some people just don’t. The same group of people also always claims that Plextor drives are overly expensive, while at the same time ignoring the extra value as shown in those spec sheets).

Some people cannot believe that plextor is capable of making crap. :slight_smile:

I have seen several threads over the years where people blamed the death of their plextor drive because of rebadging, even when their drive model is clearly a plextor-original product. Usually the thread starts off saying their drive is dead. Then some idiot says their drive is rebadged. Then the customer calls plextor and finds out later that it isn’t rebadged and gets pissed off some more.

thanx a lot guys!!!