Plextor really worth the money



You say you are no fan “I’m no fan of the 716” but you left it off your list. :confused:
First if you look I picked most of those drive cause those are what Kenshin picked and gave prices for but he is in Seoul so I was just trying to do a realistic comparison for prices in the US. I also have no clue what TS-H552B is so I think that maybe a question for him. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t have include it but he did and since its obvious he knows more about this stuff then most members I gave him the benefit of the dought. The other was just popular drives.
Also you did say “I’m no fan of the 716” but wasn’t it you who called the 716 a dud which I’m sure you had good reasons for so maybe you can share them? :confused:


This is the reason why I still stick to the “Plextor” brand.
Though it can’t give me a PIE scan better than some other brands’ model.
But the “Plextor” are always far more longevous than the others.


With the topic being, “Plextor really worth the money”… I may never know that answer. Reason being, I have am a person that sticks with something that works and Plextor has never let me down. All of my burners have been Plextors… I still have and use Plextor’s first IDE burner the 8/4/32 and I bought that back in '99 when it first came out. I love my 708A and I use is every single day more then the 712A…

I didnt want a rebag so I didnt get the 504a…

I have seen so many Lite-on drives just stop working. I will never use a Lite-on.

If I had to answer this question, the answer would be “YES” they are worth the money…

I am truely happy with mine and if I am happy with it, then its worth it to have…


Even negative popularity is popularity, too. Look at what happened to BTC forum.


im happy with all of mine and none have let me down at all (PX-708UF, two PX-716As, PX-Premium and PX-M402U Video Converter)… if you are happy with yours (Plextor OR NOT), then i’m happy for you. why do people always have to argue about this and why can’t people be happy for others regardless of whether they choose Plextor or not? i also really dislike those who make broad-sweeping generalizations about a particular brand of burner having never used one extensively.

it’s been said many times (both in this thread and others) that Plextors have certain features/quality that make them worth the price for some people…for others that may not be the case. there is no definitive answer to the question posed in this thread and if one claims that there is, i wouldn’t believe anything he/she/they ever said.

i am, however, disappointed by some aspects of Plextor - the quality of their customer service IN THE USA, the shitty attitude they have towards 3rd-party developed software that utilizes some of the features (namely CD/DVD Speed and PxScan/PxLinux) and the seeming lack of communication with some of their most loyal customers.

every single brand of drive has its pros and cons (price included) and THAT is a FACT.


Well said, drpino :wink:


I’m not going to re-hash what I’ve already said in many threads; I might not even remember all of it…

I will clarify something, though: The only reason I think the 716 is a dud is because it’s a Plextor. If it had Liteon’s name on it instead of Plextor’s, I wouldn’t have called it a dud. I’d have called it an effing miracle! :bigsmile:

The point of my post above was to say that price is only one factor - for every person that points out prices on TY media, I can show links showing less expensive Princo media.

If a FW comes along that noticeably improves the overall burn quality and write-times for the 716, I’ll happily eat my words.


elec999 if you want to get some of the most honest feed back I’ve seen yet don’t miss this thread.
Pxlinux : it’s over !
One last thing I just like to say good luck with what ever you buy. :slight_smile:


:bow: What he said. It’s not up to Plextor standards of the past by any stretch of the imagination…yet.


Must heartily agree with Dr. Pino. I have a Plextor 716a, and have not had a single problem with it (about 40-50 burns now). I also have a Pioneer DVR-108 that always comes out far better on TA Quality tests than my Plextor burns. However, I cannot ‘speedread’ with it (it averages 3.5x), whereas I can with my Plextor (but I only speedread at a max of 8x [as I have not tested if I’ll get more errors on PIE/PIF scans reading it at 12x–although I’ve seen no additional errors reading at 8x max], so it averages 5.5-5.7x)

We can get lost in these discussions with which is better. It doesn’t seem to me from the tests I’ve seen at on Pioneer DVR-108, 109, or NEC 3500 that someone could not go wrong with those drives. Although I’ve seen a lot of weird things on testing others have reported with Lite-Ons, they work great for some; many love BenQs and LG4163Bs, although I’ve read some only use BenQ (1620) for quality testing and how some BenQs will produce “wildly different burns” depending on the media used. The only consensus seems to be that LiteOn, Memorex, TEAC and other “low-end” burners could cause more headaches than great ‘burner stories.’ Bottom line: it seems the Pioneer DVR108/109, NEC 3500/3520A, LG4163 get largely positive reviews, with Plextor 712/716 also getting them (where those users have all good experiences with them). The only certainty seems to be that no one’s ‘reputation’ has a ‘lock’ on quality and that the only way to perhaps reduce bad experiences with purchases is to purchase from a retailer with a good reputation to start with (e.g., Otherwise, it’s hard to say what one might get these days when one buys, as in general it seems you can only trust some retailers and products as ‘far as you can throw them.’ :stuck_out_tongue:


My first burner was a Plextor 8x4x32, used it like crazy and still love it. Only problem its slow. I got my first dvd burner Pioneer 107, I dont really like the drive. May it be my luck getting a bad drive, I baught it at a computer show. The burner does really bad burns at 8x, even with the latest firmware, and 16x media, 8x media and all kinds. At 4x it burns allright, but give me a hard time when reading the media in another dvd burner/reader. I cant say I am a professional. But I can tell the difference in playback, and copy to hard drive, when burning with my Pioneer 107 vs my friends Lg drive. Also I am seeing the Plextors drives are no longer made in Japan, I am not starting another fight here, but does the “made in Japan” make a difference in quality, or its even fake sometimes. All I really want is a burner that can burn my dvds really smoothly and with very few errors. I am trying to buy high quality media, I know I cant blame the burner when I get bad burns on certain media. But my current Pioneer seems to give me bad results on all the different medias I have tested.
And I am starting to feel, myself this is a fight like, intel vs amd, nvidia vs ati. Sorry to starting it. Could it also be luck, can I get a Pioneer drive thats bad, and another person get a drive that works like magic.


My Pioneer A07Xl with Gradius firmware is a burning machine. Seems to work good with all kinds of media.


It’s not one of those “AMD vs. Intel” and “ATI vs. NVidia” fights. There is no company in the ODD industry that has over 50% market share. LG has had the top seat from the late 1990s but LG’s share never hit even close to 50%. Taiwan as a whole has about 30% sometimes hitting nearly 50%. South Korea sometimes has over 50% but Samsung and LG never work together. The various Japanese companies never agree on a single standard and they fiercely compete among themselves.

And Plextor is the ONLY company that designs and makes ODDs of very high quality and very high price. (By quality I mean more about their orientation and marketing efforts than their hardware quality.) Plextor doesn’t compete against LG or Samsung or BenQ. The larger companies also don’t regard Plextor as a competitor because Plextor just has no capability to produce like 200 million drives in each year at an average cost of US$10 per unit. It was different some years ago when the entire ODD market was much smaller and profitability was much higher and there were Yamaha, Ricoh, Teac, JVC, Sony, and many other Japanese companies making CD and DVD drives. By now, most DVD devices for both PC and standalone consumer electronics market are made in China.


I wouldn’t bank on that ‘yet’ if I were you!

Just look what happened with the PX712 ‘support’ after PX716 got out! No new firmware update for 5 months and a half … then they finally release FW1.06 which was more like a PR excercise, since it hasn’t added any DVD media support … and then fw1.07 which FINALLY added some newer DVD media support.

Conclusion: Only two firmware updates since the end of August 2004! That was 9 and a half months ago! So, it took an average of almost 5 months for pLEXTOR to release a FW update for PX712!!! :eek: and this, while the drive is still less than a year old!!! :eek: . Of course, I was kind enough to even consider FW1.06 as being a REAL update!

Now, I would not call that support at all! It is a disgrace! :frowning:

NEC which is known for its poor support, did better than this … and I haven’t paid a premium for it either! How does this fit with the fact that you have to pay a significant premium for a pLEXTOR? :confused:

@ Quema34

You are far too forgiving! You were fortunate that your drive worked as it supposed to … for many other people it didn’t!

I fully agree that all drives from all manufacturers have problems, however pLEXTOR drives seem to have more problems than any other major drive featured in the CD/DVD Burner section, and unfortunately this is a fact.

I don’t want to play the number game again, since this is useless, but I will bring only one argument in favour of my statement … this (pLEXTOR section) is the only place in the CD/DVD Burner section of CDFreaks which features questions like: “How many Plextor PX-716’s does it take to get a good one?” … :confused:

I’m yet to see a mention of several people having to RMA their NEC, BenQ, LG, LiteOn or Pioneer, two or more times in order to finally get a working unit! :confused: And this is in spite of the fact that some of these other manufacturers have a larger market share, e.g. more drives sold and more people using them. This should say something about our kING’s monumental Quality Assurance failures … and yet pLEXTOR sells the most expensive drives! :confused:

Let’s not even mention PX740 … a half featured BenQ rebadge, and almost twice more expensive than the real thing (BenQ 1640 that is) …

pLEXTOR really worth the money??? Now, please don’t make me laugh :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


You haven’t? Check the BenQ forum. I’ve heard of enough QC issues with the DW1620, specifically batches purchased from Newegg.


this discussion/topic/argument/question is so tired and old…


Indeed. Yet it will continue as long as disgruntled people who are unable to get over with it continue to make fools of themselves while spreading FUD to everyone elses harm. I guess we’ll have to live with it.


Did Pioneer, LG or NEC ever threaten open source developers? :slight_smile:


I didn’t even hear about them threatening closed source developers :bow:


I wish I would have waited for the BenQ 1640 dvd burner to hit the USA. Stupid me bought the Plexy PX-712SA and I paid way too much money!.I still can’t do quality disc scans with latest Nero CD/DVD Speed 4.
(Nero Toolkit) :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a
Anyone interested in a trade? Plexy PX-712 can read& write Mt. Rainer, rip DocLock and “most audio cd protections” (if not all) and make a 1:1 backup of Safedisc 4.0(The Sims 2 University). Heck, I’ll settle for a BenQ 1620 even up. :iagree: