Plextor really worth the money



Plextor seems to always be on top. Are the new Plextor 16x dvdrw really worth the extra money they cost. I need a high quality burner. I am guessing quality media is also required.
A few questions on the Plextor, is there any major difference, other then interface, between the Plextor sata vs ide.
Also is the drive quiet when burning dvd/reading.
Also would it work fine in a external usb 2 enclosure.


@elec999. You are probably going to get a few mixed answers on the Plextor. The 716A and SA are the same drives, same Hardware and Firmware just different in the interface. Yes the 716A is a very quiet drive compared to my other drives. Have no experience with the USB version but haven’t seen a whole lot of problems on the forum. You can do a search for Plextor USB. Personally I think the Plextor is worth the extra $$, but that is only my opinion.:slight_smile:


if you do want do some audio extraction then worth the money. (support c2 erros info)
if u want only a dvd burner , better look somewhere else , you got better burn quality for less money ( nec , pioneer or benq).
With quality media any burner is a good burner (except liteon :slight_smile: ).


Agree with crossg :iagree:
And if you’re lookin for the very good customer support (in Europe), don’t
know how is the support in u.s. or asia, personally for me a good drive!


For me its worth the extra $30 compare to others. I like the overburn future as well as the advance cd processing. I always overburn my data and some videos. Once a friend borrowed my burned videos, called me and said… “hey I ripped your dvd but when I tried to burn it failed at the end of the disk. How can you burn to a blank more than 4.7gb?” I replied: "hehe… "


If you want fewer problems, stay away from S-ATA and USB enclosures. That’s not to say those things don’t work (providing you carefully check compatibility lists), but generally they cause more headaches than they cure.

When it comes to quality & speed concerns, the PX716a is really no better than NEC or BenQ latest models - but it does offer more tweaker/expert functions and capabilities (see the posts above) than either of those drives. If you just want to make backups of movies - and not get into scanning, defeating copy protection, high quality audio CD ripping etc - then the PX716a is overkill.


So would you guys say Liteon drives are what some what the worst, even for cdrw. Pioneer 109 is next on my list.


ditto for pretty much everything already said above…FOR ME, my Plex’s (4 of em) have been worth the premium…


Have a read of this, I am sure it will help.:slight_smile: Which 16x DVD writer should I buy ,and I won’t get in trouble for saying bad things about Lite On.:bigsmile:


The Pioneer is a good burner for the money, and the CD burning is superior especially with the latest 1.50 firmware compared to the Plextor. I have both drives, and the Plextor puts out some really ugly jitter numbers with a variety of CD media. I’ve had this drive for a while, updated the firmware a few times already and I don’t know if Plextor will ever get this problem under control. The Pioneer does not have this problem and burns quickly enough. If you’re not a mad tweaker, the Pioneer is very reliable and more reasonably priced than the Plextor. It also has quality testing capabilities but you are stuck using DVDinfopro instead of CD-Speed.


IMO, the Plextor devices are more versatile than its competitors, especially when it comes to DAE capabilities (which are very important for me), DVD overburning etc. …

If you need a plain and simple no-bulls**t DVD writer just for DVD writing (and nothing else), maybe a BenQ, LG or NEC would be better choices … but that will depend upon your personal needs.


Good choice. The PX716a doesn’t have the best writing quality anyways.


$30 isn’t that much there. PX-716 now costs US$130 in Seoul. DVR-108 US$60 - $80, GSA-4163B US$50 (back-imported) and US$80 (DOMestic), SOHW-1693S US$70, TS-H552B US$60…

So it’s more about how much money is worth the differences.


This is my very honest opinion. Lite-On DVD writers are worth more than Plextor DVD writers to most users. (Though Plextor has just nearly half of Lite-On name value and popularity on CDFreaks because Plextor forum has nearly half as many posts as Lite-On forum.)


I have a 716a and have had no problems with it, but I only use TY media and don’t burn CD-R’s as a general rule. If I had to do it over, I’d probably go with the NEC 3520 or Ben-Q 1620. Having said that, my 716a has done me well, no coasters and quality burns. I sent my $30 rebate in last February and have not seen anything yet (my one bitch).


plextors aren’t worth your money, if your thinking of buying a plextor your just buying the name with less features. Buy a pioneer you won’t be sorry


LOL, I would put my 716A against any other manufacture for burning any media, plain and simple. I have had plextors since SCSI was “The only true burner” and let me tell ya technology has come a long way in the last 15 years. One thing hasnt changed, you have to pay for quality and that is what Plextor is all about. What other drive uses 8meg of buffer? You guys and gals making statements like "my xxx brand burner is superior, should really think about what you are saying before you speak. I know folks that use both the 712a and the 716a in production stacks. I’m not talking about burning a couple hundred DVD disk per month, I’m talking thousands. I’m not referring to burning a disk, waiting 20-30 minutes to let everything cool down, and then burning another. I am talking about a true workhorse that can handle the high temps and never ending torture that some of use rely upon.

So the real question should be this, would a quality Plextor 716 meet my weekend needs? Should I spend 100 bucks on something that will set in my machine and collect dust and only be used to impress my friends?

I have stated before and I will again, Plextor has always produced a high quality media burner and will continue until the market no longer requires one. Sorry if this post is harsh, I can’t read another post slamming something that has proven itself to me for many years.


my favorite plex-only feature is overburning dvd’s


But usually forum post are negative and people wanting help, so are the majority of post in Lite-on negative or positive post.


A quick search of newegg and this what I found for the cheapest prices of retail if they had them. I don’t know about you but rebates don’t work for me and judging by what other members said they have the same problem. Also if you take OEM you could save almost $20 more. Before somone says something I picked Newegg cause most members had good things to say about them and its not my fault they don’t sell an OEM of plextor.
So I say do your homework and if you look the deals are out there. :bigsmile:
PX-716 Retail = $108.99
Couldn’t find a 108 so 109.
DVR-109 No Retail = $47.00
GSA-4163B Retail = $59.99
SOHW-1693S Retail = $56.99
TS-H552B REFURBISHED Retail = $41.30
BenQ DW1620 Retail = $59.99
NEC ND-3520A No Retail = $46.00


I’m no fan of the 716, and I agree that for the price Plextor could have done better.


DVR-109 No Retail = $47.00
-What do the scans look like? Oh, right … better buy a LG to go with it.

GSA-4163B Retail = $59.99
-Is this drive a good scanner? Oh, right … better buy a Liteon to do the scanning, but it better not be a 411 or 811 series. And by the time you get the 4163 home, LG will have already released a 4165 and 4190 and 5380 and 9999.

SOHW-1693S Retail = $56.99
-Need to load a different firmware every time you buy a different media brand, and WTF is an “omnipatcher”?

TS-H552B REFURBISHED Retail = $41.30
-Never heard of this used drive. I bet an RMA would be lots of fun.

BenQ DW1620 Retail = $59.99
-Does the “manual” still take 40 seconds to flutter to the ground? Hopefully it won’t be one of the ones that dies within a month … better buy two and have fun flashing 'em with new firmwares every week.

NEC ND-3520A No Retail = $46.00
-The only decent firmwares for it will void the warranty, and the 3500 is a better drive. And neither does scans, better buy a 3540 to go with it.

There is no perfect burner. Some of the above stuff doesn’t matter to some people and to others it’s critical. Price isn’t everything.