@Plextor: Quick with PX760

… others brands ‘begins the war’ to 18x of Plextor:


Please Plextor “Run & Run” before them…


[I]With Plextor recently announcing its PX-760A 18x DVD burner (DVD+/-R/RW CD-R/RW), Lite-On IT stated it also plans to volume produce 18x DVD burners in the third quarter of this year, though BenQ currently does not have any plans for the segment at the moment, according to executives from the two Taiwan-based companies.

Plextor announced that it will introduce the world’s first 18x DVD+/-R burner by the end of this month. The company said the product will be shipped to distributors in North and South America this April, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of US$119. Current prices for 16x DVD burners range from US$50-70.

Michael Gong, general manager for Lite-On IT’s Optical Disc Drive Business Unit, said the company will volume produce and ship 18x DVD burners in the third quarter of this year to accommodate needs in the market, before BLU-ray disc drives are ready to ship.

However, with prices of 16x DVD burners continuing to fall, Lite-On IT is looking to avoid furthering a price war though its launch of an 18x DVD burner, Gong said.

BenQ, on the other hand, remains conservative about this type of product. Sources at the company indicated that BenQ currently does not have plans to introduce 18x DVD burners, as the quality of the 18x DVD burners may be affected by the faster rpm (revolutions per minute). BenQ will dedicate itself to developing next-generation BLU-ray disc drives, the company said.

Sources indicated that companies such as Sony and Pioneer may also launch 18x DVD burners.[/I]

Interesting LiteOn would be cheaper but i think i’ll stay for now with the 760 when it comes out.