Plextor question

I’m about to order the latest addition (i believe) in Plextor PX-40TSI, will this drive be as good reading things as earlier drives from Plextor?

Moved it here from the Audio forum, so I think this question relates mostly to the reading of audio…

Because I own a PX-40TSi, I think I can tell you some things about it:

the pros are:

  • reads (almost) every audio copy protection
  • its audio read offset (-676) can be corrected perfectly by e.g. EAC (because it overreads into leadin/leadout)
  • absolutely no jitter errors
  • C2 error detection feature
  • doesn’t cache audio data
  • DAE @ full speed (~30x) in burst mode
  • very fast disc access (~80ms)
  • disc rotation can be stopped by pressing the “play” button
  • it can read really bad (scratchy) discs
  • supports BlindRead’s alternate read method (reading data as audio) perfectly
  • very good supported by Plextor (firmware updates)
  • reading speed can be reduced by PlexTools or other utils
  • supports Cdrwins subcode analysis (not all drives support this, even if they are compatible with CloneCD’s

the contras are:

  • problems reading subchannels from data tracks, if the disc is protected with SecuRom (Diablo II, Gunman)
  • some probs reading CD-Text from discs, created over serveral generations
  • fast error skip (CloneCD) can give unreliable results when reading amplified SD2 copies.
  • doesn’t fully spin up after it encountered read errors

Thats all, I remember at the moment. Hope this helps.