Plextor Question for PC Gurus

I’m running out of space for adding programs on my laptop hard drive.

Could I:

1.) Format a +RW disk as NTFS?
2.) Install a program, for example “TURBO TAX” to the +RW disk and run the executable from there with the Plextor USB2.0 drive?

Well… I think Roxio has/had that program called DirectCD. I am not sure if they still have it or not (or some program simliar to that one). That program allowed people to directly store files on the CD (well temporary files are stored on HD and as soon as you eject the disk, the files will burn onto the CD and you cd delete files too because somehow the files are not permanately written on the CD)

well back to the story, since you have +RW, why don’t you try it? if it doesnt work, just erase the disk…

No. If you use packet-writing software like DirectCD, Drag2Disc, or Nero InCD it will format them as UDF (or ISO with UDF extensions). If you don’t use packet-writing software (ie. Nero Burning ROM), I think even DVDRWs will use the CDFS filesystem.

2.) Install a program, for example “TURBO TAX” to the +RW disk and run the executable from there with the Plextor USB2.0 drive?

Yes. But there might be issues with shortcuts etc (esp in the start menu) that point to a disc/drive that hasn’t been mounted yet. Nothing serious, though. I have some programs installed on unmounted drives and they work fine.

Get a zip drive!

Thanks FTP (and darkconz).

I couldn’t really get it to work. Files copied to the optical disk have to be passed through the burning software, so Windows Explorer and the program’s installation wizards won’t work.

I ended up just picking up a USB2.0 80gb 7200 rpm hardrive for $99.

GIven all the hassles of an external drive, speed included. I would just upgrade the internal drive. (I speak from experience on this issue) I think Hitachi has 2.5" drives up to 80GB with very fast access times. You may be able to go to a higher UDMA rate that will help the speed of your burns as well. I believe they have a 3 year guarantee and some software that monitors the drive for potential failures. If you travel much, you will appreciate loading movies on the internal drive for later viewing as well. Especially so given the ever decreasing size of airplane tray tables (and the expanding waste line of old age!).

You may be OK running Turbo Tax (TT) from the External Drive, but last year TT has some weird copy protection S/W that essentially prevented it from runing in certain configurations or at a later point in time and /or a reinstall prevented it from running at all. Not sure if this is still the case, but I am sure you would want to be able to look at your TT income tax filing again in the future. Given this, I would load TT on the internal drive.