Plextor Quality Score

Since Nero CD/DVD Speed’s Quality Test does not support Plextor drives (yet), I came up with my own quality score:

Excellent: PIE max <20 all the way, No POF, PIF <4
Very Good: PIE max <100, No POF, PIF <4
Good: PIE max <280, No POF, PIF <4
Bad: PIE max >280, and/or POF exist, and/or PIF >4

Any comments? I posted here (


  • I don’t want to clutter that thread so I made a new thread here.
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  • Will not test HP200i, too sloooow: 2.4x :bigsmile: .


PIEs always get the attention, but PIFs rarely … I wonder why?

I find the presence of a few PIF spikes above 4 to be at least readable, so I don’t worry too much about them. If you look (and I know you do!) at the BenQ forum, Nero will give a score of 95 to DVDs that have several PIF spikes > 4 on them. I’m guessing that PIF spikes cause a re-read of the sector on the next disc rotation, but aren’t anything to get one’s panties in a twist, unless there’s a solid blue wall of them >4.

My rule of thumb is…

POF > 1: Coaster
PIE 100 - 280: Wannabe coaster
PIE 50 - 100: Post scans here and ask questions
PIE 20 - 50: Acquire scan-envy for BenQ 1620
PIE < 20: Post scans here and demand :bow: from everyone else!


Should be >= 1.

LOL :bigsmile:

[B]HYPE 10 quality 0[B]

OH! and price 100