Plextor Quality Control Questions?

I’ve been watching the Plextor post’s closely for the last couple of months and am amazed at the amount of RMA’s and unhappy Plextor owners (Myself included). People have tried two or three drives of the same model and returned them all stating they won’t by another Plex until they get it right. I find it very difficult to believe that Plextor’s Quality Control is that bad. So I thought I would see what other Plextor owners thought. Is Plextors QC that bad or is it shipping that is bouncing these Intelligent Tilt Lasers out of whack? Maybe the way we flash our Firmware, (LG wants you to put the drive as Master before flashing, Nec wants Ultra ATA drivers removed and so on)? Didn’t open this tread for Plextor bashing, just wanted some other opinions on what you think the problem is. After getting my third Plextor 716A it is now my favorite drive but I don’t think I should have to go through 2 drives to get a good one. I know there a lots of variables between different PC’s but most people have other drives intalled that work fine. What do you think it is? :slight_smile:

I wish I knew. I went thru 5 PX-712As over the last 5 months (2 retail drives, 3 refurbished drives sent by Plextor). Some of those drives they sent me were just horrible, but #5 did the trick (though in retrospect I probably could have gotten away with keeping drive#1). So Plextor does seem to have some definite QC problems. Perhaps they should resume drive manufacturing in Japan…?

I have 2 716A’s. NO PROBLEMS!!

2x 716a
3x 712a (won’t burn CDs)

I think it’s more luck than anything.

The most obvious problem people have been getting is the extreme vibrations.

I suspect that the drives are okay during QC, but during transit, all the crazy van drivers are banging the drives about and knocking that little plastic part out of whack which so far seems to be the problem.
It wouldn’t be unreasonable to wonder if the rest of the drive is that ‘delicate’ too, and as someone has already said the build-quality of the 716A has not been great…

I haven’t opened mine up (No point in voiding the warrenty when they have such good RMA services!), but for the price they’re charging it would be cheaper for THEM to go that little bit further and just make the whole thing more ‘solid’.

The thing is, the drive works fairly well despite the vibration problem on mine, although I’m getting rather high error rates on Verbatim -R media (150+!), vs their +R media (~4). Given what little I know about -R vs +R, it wouldn’t be too big a stretch to put spme of this down the the vibrations…

I’m now awaiting my third RMA… hopefully they’ve sorted things out by now…!