Plextor PXW2410A Has Anyone Opened It Up For Cleaning?

My burner has reached the stage where the lens is getting dirty on a regular basis. I read somewhere that Plextors have a round cover under the label to give direct access to the lens. This model does not have such a luxury.

I have been using a lens cleaner that has the two brushes underneath and it is probably questionably using this to clean the lens as opposed to a direct access cleaning.

I have never taken a CDRW apart so I am a concerned about the idea. Has anyone taken this model (or similar model) apart to clean the cleans manually and can past on some advice to me?

I have this burner, the great 241040a, and I have not had the need to clean it yet - despite burning 3000 cd’s with it.

Yes, 3000 cd’s - virtually all 80min ones.

I cannot believe it has lasted this long, as my first cd recorder the HP 4020i gave up after burning less than 100 cd’s (over a year plus, but I did not burn so much those days).

The next, a Ricoh, still works but cant handle 80min cdr’s.

This Plextor beauty has been kept clean, I only use it for burning and not playing, the media is original and clean and then placed into plastic wallets.

So, not much help, but mine without any cleaning has gone on and on and on - now 20-25 cdr’s / week burning TV’s episodes as many series dont make it to th UK, and if they do, they are cut, highly compressed, etc - I now have vast collections untils dvd’s of favorite series come out in R2 (or R1 at times). Together with normal data backup, music, etc.

I must be lucky to have a real workhorse so to speak :slight_smile:

I would say that I might being doing up to twice your workload as I usually buy a spindle of a 100 every two weeks. I don’t think I have 3000 burns yet, but I must be close to 2000.
It seems all burners have life cycle of X number of burns before they pack it in.