Plextor PXW1210A 12/10/32

My burner is 2001 vintage and has been working faithfully since day 1. Suddenly the read speed seems to have slowed by half overnight. DMA is selected. The write speed doesn’t seem to be problematic, yet. I’ve recently added utorrent v 1.8, ccleaner, and limewire to my system and wonder if something I may have done configuring these might be impacting the Plex’s read performance? Or is she just old and tired and heading for that big coaster in the sky? :frowning: Otherwise my system is performing well with no other glitches or complaints. Comments & advice invited. System info as follows:

Op Sys: Win 2000 Pro SP4
Mother Board: iwill KK266 plus KT133A
Processor: AMD Athlon 850 MHz
RAM: 524 MB
EAC vo. 95 prebeta4 (2003 release) for digital audio extraction/burning


Dirt may be an issue. Look at this thread for some ideas:

As usual, technically challenged git that I am, I misread the setting for the current transfer mode in the device manager for the secondary IDE channel controller. It had abruptly changed from DMA to PIO. PIO is bad :frowning: Apparently a cd or dvd port can fall back to PIO mode if the disc is scratched or unreadable. This can also happen to the hard disc port. Heaven forbid!

This link was brilliant! Go for the quick solution link (top) first, then read on for the details. With virtually one click, a restart, manually changing the setting back to DMA and another restart, the DMA setting was restored and my read speed immediately jumped back to over 8x where it’s been for the last 7 years. You gotta love that!

Wouldn’t it be great if I really started to understand all this stuff? One of these days…