Plextor PX880-SA (CK's FW and which version)

I picked up a drive, the aformentioned Plextor ^^) off ebay for super cheap, brand new (less then 15$ shipped)

Burns great with its stock firmware, lowest PI/PIF i’ve had on a drive, and its BurnerMax compatible out of the gate…Thing is, i noticed CK released and old 1.13 version that i wanted to try, and two versions of it. Supposedly one is supposed to say Write flash when its detected the right version for your drive…however neither works…now i do have 1.13 already on it, but i figured with his flashers not flashing stock, that wouldnt matter…Is there a different version besides the ones he posted on?

See link below for the PX-880SA Custom firmware by CK link…

and i attached an overview of the drive and its info on the attachments portion.

No one has any ideas?

Can you use the Flash Utility and EEPROM Utility on the drive like normal?

Yea it reads the flash just, displays the same info as it did on LtnFlash, and the EEPROM settings are changable too, it just wont highlight Write Flash in the PX-880SA utilites CK released…is there a way to identify the drive to what version it is?