Plextor PX780A-New drive article at



I’ve joust found it, so i guess it’s not typo mistake. A new drive would be released the 780?! Lookin at the specs some new and old features, like the old 8mb buffer is back and new 12x DL burning and as i could identify it supports DVD-RAM.


Aprils fool?

OTOH it’s most what i suggested ( ) and with the delay of BD/HD (apart from other issues) further developmend in DVD makes sense…

Edit: I’ve run this through mechanical translation and to me it sounds more of like a speculation what a 760 successor could be like. Maybe some native speaker can enlighten us further :slight_smile:


Maybe. :doh:
Better not! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here seems to be the first preview… with some pictures


The link doesn’t work anymore. Damn April jokes! :a
Mods please close this thread. Nothing new for the die hard plex fans.


I would guess that there will be at least half a year until they announce their next drive.


True, but from plextor you can expect everything the company with the big surprise. :wink: