I yust buy new dvd writter plextor px750a. My problem is. When i burn DVD+R 16x, plextor need 15-20min. In the start buffer is stable but in 70% buffre is inconstant. I already check DMA and i have new Firmware 1.02.
I don’t know what else to do. :frowning: :frowning: please help

What are you copying from? The buffering starts when you can’t feed the burner with data quick enough to constantly fill the drive buffer. So something must be eating up your speed. Make sure that your Burner is the master and mounted at the last device of the IDE cable. Also check, that you’re using a 80pins ribbon cable (ATA100/133).

Longer burning times also relate to PowerRec, which monitor the burn quality and by that correct the burning speed. So you nearly never get 16 x burnings, when PowerRec is enabled, a least I don’t :slight_smile:

And put the Burner and DVD drive on its own IDE port connector, for example connector J1 for harddisk, and J2 for burner and DVD drive. And then Burner as Master, and DVD drive as slave.


It sounds like a DMA problem though.

Please check the media code of the disc using Nero CD-DVD Speed “Disc Info”. Also run a burst test and let us know how many MB/s you get. You need a disc with some data on it. You should get more than 35 MB/s if DMA is set correctly.

Please also run Nero InfoTool and post the log here (or better: attach it here).

First i check how many pins i have. it is 80pins ribbon cable. it is the master and mounted at the last device of the IDE cable. i run nero drive speed and i got that results:
General Information

Operating System Windows XP
Firmware Version 1.02
Capacity 4.37 GB

Transfer Rate

Start 4.64x
End 7.94x
Average 10.82x
Type P-CAV

Seek Times

Random 127 ms
1/3 144 ms
Full 226 ms

CPU Usage

1X 7 %
2X 16 %
4X 26 %
8X 75 %


Burst Rate 25176 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times
Spin Up Time 3.16 sec
Spin Down Time 0.16 sec
Load/Eject Times
Load Time 1.40 sec
Eject Time 3.23 sec
Recognition Time 8.90 sec

after that i try burn another VERBATIM 16x DVD+R but it still need 17min.

my PC: ASUS P4C800, P4 2.8, SATA - MAXTOR 160GB, GEFORCE 6800LE, 1024 DDR RAM.

Hmm… could also be a fragmented harddisk that causes the problem. Remember to defrag your harddisk. But also lots og background programs can draine the CPU. But important, that you’re 100% sure that you have enabled DMA transfer.

And remember to put your burner and DVD drive on its own IDE connector as Master and slave. This way you harddisk won’t take any cycles from your burner.

Look in the windows XP device setup, at check if everyting looks good, no red crosses or questionmarks. Also run the program MSCONFIG, and see how many, and what programs you start in the background.

You should also make sure, that you’re not suffering from spyware and viruses.


But important, that you’re 100% sure that you have enabled DMA transfer.

On both the Plextor and your Hard drive. Like zevia mentioned a Nero info tool log gives much more info.

Hi, I also have the PX750A and wonder if it’s normal that the device buffer jumps from 100 to 70 percent and back every few secs while burning dvd+r’s at 8x speed with Nero
Occasionally it goes down to zero, but I think that only happens when I start other applications.
The read buffer stays constantly at 100%, all drives are in DMA mode according to Nero InfoTool and the burner is connected on a seperate channel from the hdd as a master on the end of an 80pins cable.

Write speed is normal, starts at 6x and goes up to 8x where it stays, write time for a full dvd+r is at about 7-8 minutes, so everything’s okay with that.

I just wonder what the problem with the transfer RAM to burner is, cause the problem has to be there when the read buffer is always full, at least that’s what I think.
After all, maybe that’s normal and I guess it doesn’t change the write quality as long as there’s still something left in the buffer, but if I could change something to the positive in that matter, perhaps I could also avoid the buffer going down to zero when I start another program. I also wonder what the buffer will be like when I’m burning at 16x, but I can’t test that for a few more days, my first 16x discs are still to arrive :wink:

Ah, my system, before I forget it *g

Athlon X2 4400+, 2GB RAM in dual channel mode, Samsung SP2014N is the drive where the data is, and of course the PX750A with firmware 1.02.


Yes im sure that i have enabled DMA transfer. I have MAXTOR disk on SATA connector, DVD burner (plextor px750a - master) and cd burner (plextor premium - slave) on own IDE connector (primari) so i have 1free IDE connector. I dont believe that fragmented harddisk coud be problem because i have just formated PC. On PC i have NOD32 and zonealarm.
I have win XP with SP2 maybe it could be that problem.
I Burn data files from disk (movies…)

Your burst rate is fine and it means that the drive is in Ultra DMA2. However, if you don’t mind wasting a disc, let’s do a test using Nero CD-DVD Speed: insert a blank Verbatim 16x - run Nero CD-DVD Speed - Run Test “create data disc” or press F9. The PX-750A can burn a full DVD+R around 6:15 and DVD-R around 6:00 mins.

Your burst rate doesn’t look good. 25176 KB/s (around 24MB/s) might be in Multi Word DMA mode. You should get at least 35MB/s with UDMA4. You might want to double check your BIOS setting and use standard MS IDE drivers.

Still waiting for Nero InfoTools log. :wink:

Nero InfoTools log

In BIOS i get

DVD PX750a:
Pio mode:4
ultra DMA:ultra dma 2


[QUOTE=zevia] You might want to double check your BIOS setting and use standard MS IDE drivers.QUOTE]

DMA mode is off for your hard disk:

Attached Devices
Description           : Master: Maxtor 6Y120M0
Type                  : Disk Drive
DMA                   : Off

So that’s most likely your problem. Check the Device Manager and see if your hard disc is indeed set to PIO mode 4 instead of UDMA mode 5.

Your burst rate doesn’t look good. 25176 KB/s (around 24MB/s) might be in Multi Word DMA mode.
MW-DMA is limited to less than 17 MB/s

i Check BIOS again

Maxtor 6Y120M0

this is in my bios for hard disk. i can’t see where is DMA off.
In Device Manager i can’t see if hard disk is pio mode or UDMA mode 5. This set i can only see for IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. My PX750a (transfer mode: DMA if available, current transfer mode: UDMA mode2)
then Where can i change DMA

I turn on DMA and get this results (Attach Files) but my Burst Rate is still 25095 KB/sec

InfoTool2.TXT (45.1 KB)

The Burst Rate is a good indication but it’s just that: an indication. Now that your hard disc has DMA enabled try burning again. If it works: problem solved. If it doesn’t then we can investigate further.

Now i try to burn two dvd-s DVD-R 16x and DVD-R 8x both stop at 7-12%and unfinished destroyed :confused: . I don’t know what is wrong now :frowning: :frowning:
i burn files from hard disk on VERBATIM DVDs

What was the error message?

it was ˝ writing unsuccessful at 16x (22.160kb/s)˝ that is all