Plextor PX740 vs Philips DVDR 1648K/00

I am trying to choose between these two recorders. Momentarily I have the Philips DVDR228K/00 wich burns only at 2.4x and want to upgrade to a newer drive with DL.
Never had problems with the philips drive until recently, since the TDK Silvers 1-4x are harder to get I bought 1-8x. All burns failed, with no accurate support from both TDK and Philips!

Philips 1648 is a rebadge of BenQ 1640, and all three including PX-740 are identical hardware wise. The only different is their firmwares, they have different writing strategies. However since they are identical, you can cross-flash to one of the firmwares. You would void the warranty if you crossflash, but I’ve seen many members crossflash drives without any problem.

I would choose whichever the cheapest and flash with BenQ latest firmware that supports PI/PO error checking with Nero CD Speed. PX-740 does not support any error checking.