I’m new to the forum and DVD burners in general and I’m having a problem with my Plextor PX716UF that I bought used from eBay.

I am trying to install the hardware the way the manual says so, but everytime I connect the USB wire from my PC to the burner, my entire computer shuts down. Does anyone know what the problem is?

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Can you get your $ back if needed?


Please detail your computer configuration by posting the text output of Nero InfoTool ( as text file attachment using the Manage Attachments button.

I don’t seem to have the problem when connecting to my computer via firewire so I think the problem might not be the burner.

Here is the NeroInfo tools. Just hope it’s not too much info.

This problem sound like a software/driver conflict. Have you tried updating your USB drivers? I see, from the LOG-file, that you’re using your Plextor via the IEEE interface. If that works, do you still need to attach it via USB? Also, when using other USB devices, do they work? Welcome to the forums :wink:

I haven’t tried updating my drivers. How can I do so? I am using it via the IEEE interface but would rather use it via USB since I only have one IEEE port that I need for other devices but I have several unused USB ports. What are the pros and cons of USB vs Firewire? And yes, other USB drivers work fine.

What motherboard do you have in your system? You may need to update your chipset drivers.

I dont know about the motherboard. Not sure how to find out. It came with my HP PC as I did not build my PC. Anyone know where I can update the drivers?

Since it’s a HP machine the best place to start would be the HP website. Do you have a model number of your computer? Most manufacturers have a search option with which you can lookup your computer and from there you can usually navigate to a drivers page. It’s strange that other USB devices do work but the scenario you described is a sure sign of a driver problem and not a hardware related problem.

Regarding USB vs. FireWire; there is no difference performance wise. Both interfaces should do fine for your drive.

I checked the HP website for drivers that my specific PC might need and it gave me this list. However, it does not specify which one I need for the DVD burner.