Plextor px716a slow burner!

I have had the plextor px716a for one month now and tried a number of media
infinity =cmc mag e01,tdk,ricoh,ritek and sony.
i burned dvds with nero or plextools at 8 speed and they took about 8 minutes depending the amount of data to be written.
But since a week plextor started slowing down it started with the sony (d11) disks.The first one had a lead-in of some 4 minutes and then took 20 minutes to produce a coaster .From then on writing with nero will take between 13-20 minutes and in plextools 20-40minutes always with bp occurences.
Installed microsoft verified ide sw drivers.
When i am burning dvds the only other activity thats going on is leeching on 119.I have a number of virtual dvd-roms active.
Share your thoughts on this one.
Hardware:asus a7n8x-e de luxe(uberbios1013),kingston 2x512mb ddr 3200,
amd 3000+(2370mhz),seagate as 120 gig,nvidia fx5600,liteon dvd-rom ,enermax 465,windows xp pro sp2)

Checked if DMA is still enabled? Your drive should be working in UDMA mode 4. Check the FAQ on how to check if DMA is enabled or not. Also, keep in mind that when you use a disc that is unsupported that the drive’s AutoStrategy function will kick in, causing long lead-in write times. This is normal for the first burn, the second one will be faster. Welcome to the forums btw :wink:

In Device Manager under properties of nvidia nforce2 ata controller (v2.6)Master of 2nd IDE controller transfer mode ultra DMA4 is checked and greyed,the line underneath let bios select transfer mode is checked and can be changed.
I personally think it may be a memory issue since using grab-it,BNR2 and maybe any other newsreaders as well use a lot of memory both actual and virtual , specially grab-it does a lot of I/O reads and writes.

I just burnt 2800mb of video (udf/iso) data at 6 speed on an infinity (CMC mag E01)
under 7 minutes.So 6 speed is faster than 8 speed.With this kind of media the plextor feels stressed at 8 speed? Sensitive or sensible?!

I highly doubt your Plextor drive is the problem here since your system seems to be the problem. I say this because the drive goes in to BURN-Proof media all the time, indicating that data is not delivered fast enough to the drive. This simply means that your system is not fast enough (which I doubt) or some other application is hogging your system. Take a look at the Windows Task Manager and see which application is using a lot of memory or which is causing a high CPU usage. Then that’s your problem…

Have you installed the nVidia IDE Drivers? This is not a good idea since they’re known to cause all sorts of problems. It would be best to uninstall these IDE drivers (note that I am only talking about the IDE drivers, not the other nVidia drivers) and replace them with the Microsoft version.