Plextor px716a + nero --> overspeed how?

I am a happy owner of a new PX716A! After just a few days PLEX TOOLS professional stopped working! I tried everything, installing, unistalling, installing again, updates, more updates, more installing but nothing, they refuse to start on my winXP sp2 box. I double click the program to start and it just disappears into thin air.

Anyways, that’s the background to my question… Since I can’t use PLEXTOOLS my only recording software option now is nero 6.6. Ok I’ve found how to enable VariRec with audio CDs and how to disable PowerRec BUT

a) eventhough I disable PowerRec at the recorder’s options I can’t see HOW can I burn a DVD over its speed rating? The speed recording menu still remains the same. For example when I’m using 8X rated DVD+Rs it’s still showing 8X as the maximum speed

b) I can’t find how to enable GigaRec

Any answers would be greatly appreciated…


welcome to the forums latebeat :). unfortunately, without knowing all the software installed on your machine, it’s very difficult to resolve your issue with Plextools. it definitely sounds like a conflict of some sort. have you installed anything between when PT was working and not?

you can only overspeed certain types of media…what type of media are you using?

lastly, GigaRec can only be enabled using Plextools.

Hi all! Another newbie signing in :slight_smile:
I got the same question… How do i burn faster then the media is made for? Both Nero and dvddecrypter won’t go any faster then the media rating (8x in this case with Fuji) whatever i try :rolleyes:
And it’s almost impossible to find faster media then 8x so i really has no use for my Plextor 716 atm… :sad:

welcome to CDFreaks as well trebor_7 :). what’s the MID of the Fuji 8X discs? are they -R or +R? do you still have the original packaging? are they made in taiwan or made in japan. as i mentioned above, only certain media can be oversped. you can find out the MID by downloading and running DVD Identifier ( this program will also tell you what speeds the disc can be burned at (by showing the disc specification AND the drive specification).

Tested that program now and found out that the discs are Fuji with mediacode ProdiscF01 so i guess those aren’t possible to speed up BUT that wasn’t really my question. It was more like a general question about how do i “fool” my burnprogram to disregard the speed the disc is made for? Or is it that simple that if i have a disc that can go faster i can choose faster speeds? Even though it might say 8x on package?
Are there some settings i have to enable/disable? Does i matter what burnprog i use? I might be missing something very obvious here but please do tell so even a total noob gets it :bigsmile:

The PX-716A will only overspeed certain media codes; it’s a firmware thing, not a software issue. If you have one of the approved discs for overspeeding, the higher speed(s) will be selectable in your burning programs.

Ah, ok. Got ya :slight_smile:
I’ll just go and check what discs i should use then. Thanks for clearing this up :bow:

thanks for chiming in Two Degrees (i’d be a terrible “teacher”) :wink: :bigsmile:

It’s hard to “chiming in” these days since you’re all over everywhere 24/7. :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have you here helping people. :iagree: