Plextor PX716A is shutdowning my PC

Hi All, :bigsmile:

Recently I have bought new Cpu with Mobo and DDR2. When I put everything together and install OS (WinXP pro) I’ve realized My plextor shuts down my pc when I am trying to burn a DVD, wierd is that with normal cd it burns. When Im putting a DVD game to my px716a it starts reading it and boom shuts down. I took the same dvdburner from my friend and hooked it to my machine and result was the same. Jumpers are set up ok. I have also cdburner from plextor whitch is on slave and dvdburner is on master. Whaty shoud I do?. Change the PSU or is it a MOBO? My DVD burner is working perfectly when it is plugged to a friends PC and itsa burning DVD’s dont know whats wrong with my set. :confused:


Did you try to change the cable IDE for a new one?


Weird indeed. Are you using the latest BIOS? Try changing to the other IDE Channel.

turn off ‘automatic restart on system errors’

and if youre lucky you’ll get a BSOD (blue screen of death) where you can find more information about the crash (which file it caused etc.).

This can be a big help.

I had something similar to this problem using the PX716A in a microATX case, it turned out the PSU simply wasn’t providing enough clean power and would cause a reboot or shutdown, I fitted a new Enermax 270W microATX PSU and it’s been ever since.

I should say that the rest of the system does draw a bit of power, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 w/1GB CL2 on an Asus A8N-VM/CSM, no cards etc using everything built on motherboard.

Agree with Liam to try another PSU.

I have this problem too. K9N Ultra+X2 3800+Pioneer 109 IDE
Change your cd-rom from DMA to PIO mode and will not shut down:) or buy a sata writer

Then I would suspect the IDE drivers. Uninstall them and use the native Windows drivers

I agree, that is either a driver or chipset problem, probably the drivers, uninstall any Nvidia IDE drivers and use the MS ones. The PX716a will run UDMA4 provided you use an 80way IDE cable.

maybe your PSU is deffectice, try other one in your PC and maybe yours in an other PC to double check that.

i have also a nforce4 mobo and since the last week a 716a both works flawlessly.

generally the nvidia ide drivers does not even install in nforce4 chipsets but if they are here go for uninstall.